Cards with what card it is on the back

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  1. does anyone know any cards that have the pips on the back
  2. You mean like marked cards?
  3. A ton of cards are marked. What kind are you looking for?
  4. I can give you loads of suggestions, there are two main types of markings though, and I'd like to know which one you're more interested in:

    -Cards with a code on the back, much harder to detect by the spectator, as even if they see a difference between the backs they won't know what it means

    -Cards that literally have the card written on the back, a lot easier to read, but a lot easier for the spectator to read too...

    Which are you more interested in?
  5. To add onto what Josh said, you could also mark your own cards using some methods.
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  6. Ones with a code on the back
  7. The one with the code
  8. What your looking for is a marked deck. I'm gonna point you to an older discussion we had about what some of the better marked decks out there are. However, you can easily make your own (if you want to know, I can give you the link to a few great tutorials).
    Just for your help:
    A marked deck is a deck that has markings on the back in a pattern or "code" which, when deciphered, allows you to know what card it is.
    A reader is a marked deck, but, even though the markings are well hidden, they will blatantly state "KH" for King of Hearts or "2(spades symbol)" for two of spades, with every card.
  9. Could you recommend me some decks please
  10. You could just click on the link and read... but ok. Here are some (I don't own all of them, and some aren't in stock anymore)
    MINT by 52kards
    Kings by Ellusionist (I belive the gold ones are fully marked, and the others only tell you the value, not the pip, but you would have to email them and ask.
    Madison Dealers by Ellusionist
    DMC Elites
    GT Speedreader Mandolin Back
    David Blaine White Lions
    (Series B)
    Red Keepers Deck by Ellusionist (Blue is not marked)
    And many more.
  11. Hey Maaz.... you beat me to it again haha! Sorry, I had other stuff to take care of before I responded. However, I'd second what he has said - I was even gonna link you to that last discussion! The gold kings and the black kings by ellusionist are marked fully, but the red kings are not - they are a one way deck however. White Lions are fully marked, but it's not the best of systems to read, I'd recommend others.

    Other marked decks include Dealers by Ellusionist, they have a pretty easy code to decipher, and it's nearly impossible to detect.

    Their Knights playing cards are partially marked - the suits aren't shown but the values are.

    Custom marking bicycle playing cards is pretty easy too - DM me if you need more information
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  12. Penguin Magic just released their own brand of Marked Cards with a mandolin back design - they are exactly what you are looking for. Sounds like you want "readers" and not "marked" cards. Marked cards take a lot of practice to memorize.

    Here is my top 10 video

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