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  1. I'd like to understand a thing:
    Does Jason England teach the real center deal in his tutorial , or some method to lead center deal to bottom deal ??
  2. I would assume by calling it the center deal, that he does, in fact, teach the center deal.
  3. It is in fact the center deal. As in dealing cards from the center of the deck.

    Just my opinion, but to compare the center deal to the bottom deal... I found the center deal a lot easier to master then the bottom deal, and it's also useful if you have cards at the bottom of the deck and someone starts a cut (lifts part of the deck up and places it down away from the deck), not to mention they're both the same price.
  4. You found the centre deal easier to master than the bottom deal? (Yes, "centre", I'm from the UK.) I would suggest that either you're some sort of unusual savant, or that isn't quite accurate, given that there are very few people in the world who can truly claim to have "mastered" a centre deal. Do you have a video of your deal at all?
  5. I doubt he "mastered" it, and just more or less found the mechanics of it easier to learn.

    Which I would still disagree with.
  6. But can center deal be used if someone after cutting the deck, squares it ???????
  7. It can be, yes, if you're good.
  8. There are a few techniques you could use to achieve this (bridge, key card, or estimation), but standard table procedure would be for the dealer to carry the cut, so it's perfectly natural that you would do this yourself before dealing.
  9. Nope, I honestly found it easier. Obviously I haven't mastered it, it's more of an expression there than the actual truth. I can never clear the card for the bottom deal, I found all the grips I've learned about to feel very awkward. And you can disagree all you want. People are very different, if you've ever tried getting out of your mom's basement.
  10. You need to chill out. That last retort wasn't called for and in fact was incredibly immature on your part.
  11. Cry me a river.

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