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  1. Magic hype: What causes it? Who pushes it? It's effect on creators and the marketplace.

    Books vs. Video: What are your opinions on the current state of how magic is being taught in a 'distance learning' environment and the serious lack of actual 1-on-1 training and performance?

    Old School vs. New School: The Classics and The Stuff that Slays/Kills/Melts

    Where is magic headed and where do you see magic in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Are gadgets and electronics going to eventually take over magic given the rate of technological advancement?

    Just random thoughts since I forgot Uncle John's Bathroom Reader today....

  2. I think there should be topic on how to make magic not magic but entertainment, because im tired of people feeling like im tricking them instead i want them to be entertained more then anything.
  3. I like Jim's idea on old school v. new school, but I suspect the old school is vastly outnumbered on this forum. ;)
  4. Kenner can represent old school...maybe Lee too he is getting up there =)

    I am pretty sure there are a few old schoolers that glance over these forums from the Cafe from time to time. I agree though it would be tough to have a balanced conversation given the audience =/

  5. Cerca Trova idea-

    Is there an 11th Theory? I've thought of one, but tell me what you guys think before I post it.

  6. Here's a couple of ideas.

    Ivory Tower: The biggest problem I'm noticing is people going on and on about this method or that theory, and I can tell instantly whether or not they've actually tested any of this under real world conditions in performance. More often than not, they haven't. As much as I love the internet, it's not substitution for experience. Rather than fighting the online appeal, how can we make it work outside of simple marketing and the like?

    The Delicate Art of Shameless Self-Promotion: I've heard some people wonder how David Blaine and Criss Angel got on TV and they didn't. Well, I don't know about Criss, but David performed constantly and got in the local newspaper in Manhattan. Then he did magic for the receptionist at MTV headquarters on Broadway. She introduced him to her bosses. Then he did the same with ABC. To succeed, you have to promote yourself relentlessly. Success won't just come to you. It ain't gonna happen. A discussion of self-promotion may be in order.

    Who Are You?: I put together 2 articles over at Ellusionist on the subject of actualizing one's identity and turning ambition into reality. A more indpeth discussion of these subjects may be in order.
  7. I have one. Will there eventually be a point in time where magic creation will stop because all effects have been created? Also, what about my age group (12) creating effects that are atually good enough to be sold on a site?
  8. What is new generation?

    Only change I see is that people do more videos and use more black decks. There is no real "New Generation"
  9. The magicians of today compared to the magicians of thirty years ago.

    You know, when there WERE no black decks or home videos.
  10. I think i good cerca trova post would be:

    Magic: a Hobbiest or a Profesional?

    I think it would be a cool topic to elaborate on.
  11. IMHO, discussing how to use marketing, cinema, etc. to build plots could be interesting...
  12. I think it would be interesting to talk about the relationship between audience and performer. Whether they should like you for your "magic" or for who you are.

    Just a thought.

    Also performing is a great confidense builder for life in general. Going up to and talkig to random people without fear is something.
  13. History Of magic
  14. The effect of alcohol on magical innovation. Are you more or less creative when drunk?
  15. I think "Cerca Trova" is more a way to live your life. Not only magic related but How u live and everything u do.

    What do u guys think about this?
  16. I think you should read the first post in the topic, thats not what this topic is about.

    An idea may be, how important is style in magic and why. What defines style or what all does style consist of.
  17. how about when it's a good time to release 707, 606, 505 and 303 after the 909s....

    maybe a topic for good names to use for the collector's edition boxset of T11 decks by the time the 10th special design deck is released.....

    maybe when it's a good idea to search the warehouse to see if there is this hidden box of lost 1st edition guardians.

    maybe good suggestions for "the next wynns".
  18. How about a topic about the thoughts of using fancy decks during performances? I think that would be a very beneficial topic for alot of people.
  19. How about discussing cards that some people might think are gimmicked (Guardians, Black Ghost, etc.) and if these are good or bad.
  20. How about "Magic On TV" and the up/downsides to it.


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