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  1. I've been playing around with this color change for a while, and I wanted to get some feedback on it.

    Let me know what you think.

    Color Change
  2. Overall: unoriginal.

    Here is what I saw during the entire video: a card is selected, shown, up jogged, left out, and then finally pushed in to it's original place. Then the deck is rolled around a bit until for some reason, you decide to flip the deck over to reveal the face of an indifferent card. Lastly, with a less-than-magical wave, the card changes to the selected card. As a magician I knew all of what was happening as far as "now, choose a card" and "watch this", as a spectator, the entire performance both had little impact and baffled me because there was no narration or rhyme or reason to your movements.

    Let me elaborate by giving a blow by blow of what i'm thinking as it happens:
    A) Card is selected: please be more than an "uncle Charley" trick
    B) Card is shown and up jogged: why up jog it. seems rather pointless...
    C) Card is reinserted a fancy manner: it just looked fishy.
    D) Piddle paddle with the cards: is the magic on a timer? must we wait for a miracle?
    E) Indifferent card revealed: not only does this not make sense, but i have a bad feeling about this.
    F) Card changes: this trick is only SLIGHTLY better than my uncle Charlie's tricks.

    Allow me to explain something to you and everyone else reading this: Just because you've invented a "new" method for a color change to make it "better", doesn't make it better. It is an honest rarity and miracle to make a color change that is both completely original AND astonishing. You have neither. Conversely, "pick a card and I'll find it" tricks are a dime a dozen, meaning that there is no real draw or even validity to what you did. What I'm saying here is that you need to figure out what else you can do with this change besides create a piss-poor prestige, because that just won't cut it anymore.

    And furthermore, let me describe the nature of being natural as opposed to meaningful as opposed to being both. The super-animistic performer makes his movements not only look effortless, but also meaningful. If one looks meaningful without appearing natural, picture this: A retarded child attempting to lift a large, heavy box with his back. His movements have meaning, he wants to lift the box; however, if he lifts with his back, it looks unnatural and he will likely hurt himself. I can tell you practiced to make the movements appear natural, I could also tell this was a thin veneer that poorly shrouded the fact that your movements lacked meaning.

    I shall stop myself here, I've gone on far too long.
  3. I feel like you completely misunderstood my reasoning behind posting this video, and I apologize if it was confusing to you so let me clarify. Nowhere did I mention that this move was original or mine. This is also in no way a presentation of a trick to which I believe to be original, nor is it a presentation of a trick period. As labeled clearly in the topic of this thread, I am asking for feedback on my handling of the color change, and that is all I am presenting in this video. Furthermore, this video was complied from a recorded practice session (hence why I was sitting on a bed) and was in no way intended to be viewed as a polished performance of a trick.

    On a side note, do you really think your belittling attitude is going to help anyone on these forums? Lighten up.
  4. Though I didn't see any flashing of the card, a lot of this is unmotivated. I see several steps that could be eliminated with a different selection/control process. As it stands, there's far too much fiddling with the deck and hand movements. Basically, as I watch this (with a knowledgeable mind) I'm seeing every step, because they don't blend enough with natural motions so they stand out. A laymen watching this will probably just think, "Something's fishy here."
  5. very smooth overall, though. Good job!
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    Belittling perhaps, and certainly on the harsh side - I wish that he had posted on a lighter note. However, I also happen to agree with what he has said.

    You asked for feedback on your handling and he gave it to you. Your handling looks relatively smooth when it comes to the technical aspect. I know that's what you're looking for. Still, I don't think it's entirely out of the realms of commonsense to consider other factors, especially since you didn't specify. As such I agree with veteran in saying that the change is unmotivated and ultimately redundant. You handled the pieces well, but the pieces come together to form a clunky sleight/effect. To exaggerate a bit, it's like someone using a perfect classic pass three times to shift a card three cards down. veteran's comments may have been harsh, but he's on the money when it comes to meaning and magic.

    Why should you care? You may not be interested in the latter comments - it depends if you perform for real people. From my perspective, creating magic is generally wonderful - even if it's not super creative, original, etc. However, when it comes to performances, nothing but the best will do.
  7. I love the crazy people on this site, observing them is magic to me haha, anyway kid nice job on the color change....If It fits the trick your performing have fun and dont let mr.veteren make you think any different.

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