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  1. Both looks good. But there's one you need to work on, is your smoothness. I mean your moving really slow at it and speed it up a little bit. Did you get those decks today?
  2. WOW how the freakin fril did you freakin do that. good job man
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    yeah they are new. I was just trying something i came up with the other night. I have show it to a few people they were really blow away, so I when a bought new a deck to flim with. thanks for the comment
  4. No problem. I did the same thing, when I have something new and practice a little bit and start showing it to the people. You'll never know when you will mess it up, unless you know how to handle the cards and fully ready to perform it smoothly.
  5. I don't think those tricks arent that bad, it just needs a patter and a bit of work on the smoothness and it should be fine.

  6. Please let me know if any of you have seen this before, because i believe i am the first to come up with these tricks
  7. If you are using the method that I think you are using, Mirage is NOT original. It has been done many times before. Although loosen up! Everything will look a lot more smooth. I would also work on taking the cards out of the deck box.

    As for "The Joker Is On You". It would have been a much better routine had you made those Ace revelations more magical. Rather than taking them off of the top of the deck, you could have done a revelation à la "A Dream of Aces" or "Dan and Dave". Try to make your double lifts more natural, they seemed rather "forced" if you know what I mean. You seemed sort of lost in this performance, it would be great if you practiced more and made another video once you have perfected every aspect of the trick.

  8. I do make the Aces appear but I was just filming the trick I use it the other day in my show as a closer.
  9. Teach me the joker trick ^^?
  10. I don't agree with the comment about making a bigger deal out of doing an ace "production" - it wouldn't add to the trick, but rather be viewed by the audience as a totally seperate event. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but it's not relevant to how good the tricks on show were.

    Obviously, both tricks are playing with the same principles - which are very strong. You may incidentally want to check out John Guastaferro's "Famous Aces" for some similar ideas (Second Storm DVDs). I suspect I know your method, and I think you'd get some interesting ideas off John G's work.

    In each trick the effect is clear. "Joker On You" is very nice, however it feels a little laboured, especially without knowing what your patter and presentation is like. Just a thought, you could use some concepts from "Be Honest, What Is It" (AKA "2 card monte") to get through the effect a little more cleanly. This approach also has the benefit of spectator involvement.

    "Mirage" - big comment here. I don't like the show of the empty box right before you pull the card out of it. I understand the temptation to, but it doesn't work for me. One thing I've started taking into account in my own work is this:

    Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

    Others may disagree. On perhaps a less personal note, this trick suffers from the classic problem of all "selection vanishes from the deck" tricks - you have to show the whole deck to prove your point, which is a drag. Try vanishing the card from a small packet - there are numerous gaff-free methods to do this of course. You could have fun with an extra phase - the card vanishes from the packet, appears reversed in the deck (the venerable "Biddle Trick"). You say you're going to reverse the process, and make the card vanish from the deck using any number of methods - colour change, tent vanish, rub a dub, double lift - but it fails to appear in the packet. You missed - it ends up in the card box!

    Joker On You has potential I think. Mirage feels like you're using a boulder to crush an ant. Some very interesting thoughts which I think you can refine into great tricks.
  11. about mirage: you can be smoother nice revelation I know how it works but it looks cool though, I use the same ''vanish'' you do but I reveal the card in a fruit =)

    and the joker on you.. is cool, you can do it smoother too..
  12. yes i agree with the not showing the box empty before removing the ace. also thanks for the idea of making in dissappear from a small packet. I already have some idea thank for the help
  13. Nice job...they were pretty good. If you perform these though, just perform one, because you are using the same move to get the cards out of the box, unless for some reason you do differently.
  14. I am going to reshot Mirage check back to see it
  15. Hey:

    These tricks look good, but do take note of the fact that there are too many unecessary movements, especially The Joker is on You.

    I presume you have come up with a way to produce a card from an empty box. Good job, keep it up.

    - harapan. magic!
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    thanks to all of you. Please keep leaving comment

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