Clip Shift Release Date?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by drorange, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Most of you have seen or heard about this colour change used in the trilogy but not taught. It was created by Chad Nelson and is unpublished. A lot of people know this move it is kina undeground.

    i have been wanted to learn this move for a while but everyone keeps telling me wait for it to be released can someone please tell me.
  2. Nobody knows.

    If you really want to learn it, go learn it how everyone else learned it. By looking at the performance vids. I heard this is a difficult thing to do(like most shifts)
  3. ...but chances are you won't be doing it properly anyhow.
  4. And the chances are high.
    Shifts are generally hard to do.
    The Clip Shift is very hard to do.

    According to what I've heard, it may not be published at all.
    Oh well.
  5. learning it from a video, umm, i realllly dont reccomend that
    its really hard also, so if you know the method, itll take a few months of practice to get down
    took me aroundish 3 months to be able to do it perfectly, than another 2 or so months to get it as silent as possible
    and thats my kinda practice, which is 24/7

    hopefully though, ill actually be able to answer your question soon, regarding a release date ;)
  6. That would be great, I look forward to more info on it.
  7. I have never heard of this clip shift. Does anyone have a link or a place where I can see what it looks like?
  8. What in the world does THAT mean? :eek:
  9. TAOM video of Dan Buck in Decknique and his or Dave's(can't really tell) performance of it in The Trilogy.
  10. That would be Dan's performance^
  11. I learned this move about a year ago. to this day..i still cannot do it is insanely hard to do
  12. From what I've heard, it's coming out in Chad's new DVD 'Surfaced.'

  13. Dave sorta flashed every change in that performance...
  14. to a magician, who tried to figure it out, he did. but i dont think a laymen would notice. the first time i watched it i only figured out the first vanish.
  15. Wow, bro it'll come out in due time, learn patience, you'll need it.
  16. From what I've heard, this thread is a couple months old. :p
  17. You get a pretty nice glimpse of the clipshift in Blaine's new deck's trailer.

    Check it out :D
  18. This is an old thread.
  19. Who cares...the topic is still relevant today.
  20. if its done the way i think its done then it deffinitely will take patients to learn. i've been messing with my idea for some time now. it works but its no where near as nice as daves handling. card sleights come extemely fast to me but this one is giving me a problem. especially doing it quietly. thats the real challenge to this move

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