Hi Guys!
First of all let me introduce myself:)
My name is Radek and I am a magician from Poland. Actually I come from Poland but I study in the UK, in Scotland to be more precise. Here's a little something I'd like to show you:


The video was shot in Gdynia, Poland by Maciej Dziegielewski, better known as MD or Gio (here at the T11) and post-produced by Krzysztof Kowalski - KK.

Sep 1, 2010
wow im really impressed by ur coin magic abilities! :O

makes me want to try harder in coin magicc :D keep it up!
Thanks :)

Greenstickman - you are a magician - you know where the coin is so you are looking at the wrong direction :) It's the same as with the TT - you can use a green one and if you know how to use it, the spectator won't see a thing!

Oct 26, 2009
Awesome style. And yeah nice angles, just cool, in real life it would be a killer. But where did you get so big coins, because I have big hands, which are not suited for quarters or even half dollar, at least it is really hard to perform... So the ? is - Where did you get so big coins?
Feb 9, 2011
We Know Who You REALLY Are!

OK, come on ... you can't fool us! That's got to be Don - the long lost THIRD Buck brother - doing coin magic and flourishes. Did the Buck "Twins" really think that by leaving him behind on that trip to Poland many years ago that he would never discover his secret abilities and appear on the magic scene? :)

Very nice work, Radek!
Greenrich - the coins I use there are the regular, American Eisenhower Dollars, so they are not that big - 4cm in diameter! I think it's the way I display them what makes them look this big :) I always try to pinch the coins by the very edge so that the whole coin is visible and nothing is covered with the thumb or index finger. I remember that's what Slydini used to say when he was talking about coin magic :)

If somebody's interested what's the unusual, silver coin I use in one of the other vids - it is the German Weimar Silver 3 Mark Coin from 1924 and I think it's my favourite coin.

Darth Vader - I haven't heard this kind of comment on my work before haha! That's hilarious and pretty damn nice! :) Thank you!

Feb 9, 2011
Radek - Had you not identified yourself initially, I would have sworn you were either Dan or Dave Buck in this video in terms of your looks, style and skill. In fact I'm still not sure you aren't one of them!

I also really like the soundtrack you used. Would you be willing to share its title and artist?
I would be happy to, but I don't know the title myself. I will let you know via PM when I get a reply from the guy who post-produced the video :)


PS. "Beneath Winter's Snow*" - that's the title. We can't recall the author though.
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