Coin in Bottle (original)

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    Hey guys, take a look at this video and let me know what you guys think and if you would be interested in it being a Wire release. The method is simple and easy to do. (Keep in mind this is intended for a walk around/street setting).
    The effect has been slightly modified for camera purposes but will look exactly the same with it's real life method.

    NO cuts or slits.
    NO gimmicks of any kind.
    Easy set up.
    Fully examinable at the end.

    Leave any fair questions below and I will respond ASAP. Thanks Guys!! :)
    Apologies for the quality. I had a brain fart at the time and didn't get around to recording with my usual elaborate set up. :)
  2. Yeah dude!! It was great! I would definitely be interested. The only thing is, I don't know enough about coin routines to know if it is a new method or not. I guess you'll figure out if you submit it to the Wire.
  3. This is already a method, also it isn't a magician fooler as you can't show all sides of the bottle.
  4. In all fairness this effect wasn't designed as a 'magician fooler'. The only effect to my knowledge that this method is remotely close to is Calen Morelli's Pen in Bottle, which is in fact in the public domain as he himself taught it for free. With that being said this effect is nothing like Morelli's except for one similarity other than that this effect is a complete left turn from Pen in Bottle. With my effect I've added a lot of psychology into it and also methods to make this effect fail-proof. With all this in mind there is no infringement on Calen's behalf as his effect is in the public domain. I am however still in the research phase to verify that there is no infringement on any other Coin in Bottle effect so there is no hurry to release this effect on the Wire.
  5. Looks like Bullet from E. The only difference might be the coin being stuck. I dont find this original enough to release, but it is a good variant that does add that extra degree.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, although the coin isn't stuck at all.
  7. the coin can come out of the bottle? Well im not sure if im missing something but it is the same as the trick "Bullet"
  8. Well according to the reviews there seems to be something with regards to a gimmick whereas mine does not, if it is similar in any way to Bullet then I respect that, but at this moment in time I don't know the method so I am not able to judge therefore until such time I can verify then my method will not be shared.

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