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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by tonybanuelos88, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. im getting into coin magic because cards are restricted at school so im looking for a couple of hard hitting coin effects like flicker i have bobo but i need something else so ideas please?
  2. Bobo has tons of material that is perfect for the school environment. Keep looking.
  3. Silver Dream with Justin Miller is one of my favorite coin routines, but if you have bobo you should be able to figure out your own way of doing it. iVanish is pretty good too, looks very clean and grosses people out.

    Hell, when I did coin tricks from my friends in highschool nothing more than a french drop was needed to fool them but my friends were kinda slow...
  4. totally out of control by chris Kenner is awesome. It contains my favourite tricks, and I've been doing coin magic for a while now. Think maybe 5 years.
  5. lol. Have you actually mastered everything in Bobo? If you have, you shouldn't need to ask for material, you've got everything you need for a "hard-hitting" performance right there. Everything needed for Silver Dream is pretty much taught in Bobo, for example.
  6. You probably think that the above answers were useless to you. Don't blame you, they were.

    Why does everyone assume you haven't even read Bobo's thoroughly? Sure, you may have missed a lot of the AWESOMENESS that is Bobo's book, but honestly, that book is NOT for everyone.

    It's a textbook for coin magic, and not everyone can be expected to follow it start to finish without falling asleep.

    Besides, there's a lot of great stuff in Bobos, but a lot of unperformable garbage in there, too. Like when you get a bag of bits&bites- there's the awesome shreddies and the cool cheerios, but you also get stupid cheesesticks. What's with that?

    The material in Bobos is not for everyone.


    Two suggestions for you: David Roth, or Michael Ammar.

    They both have DVDs full of the stuff you're looking for.

  7. Hey when i got into coin magic i bought Michael Ammar's Intro to coin magic, it was a great help, it taught me alot of cool stuff to fool my friends but as i went more into coin magic i got more hungry for pure sleight of hand magic (sorry i hate gimmicks that do the whole trick) and bought David Stone's dvds and decide to actually read Bobo's after having it for over a year before hand LMAO, it can be boring to read some of those old magic books

    But anyways mate get Michael Ammar's DVD or David Stone's plus i have also checked out Jay Nobleaza's DVD it was pretty awesome for a starting DVD too!

    I hope this help you out a lot mate


    Danny Telford
  8. David Stone's DVD's and Jay Noblezada's "In the Beginning there were coins" are my absolute all time favorite DVD's.
    -the info
    -the effects
    -the atmosphere
    all unmatchable!
    I absolutely reccommend those :)

    Best of Luck
  9. Thank you very much for understanding they were pretty useless and i actually did fall asleep trying to read bobo im gonna look into something else thanks!:D
  10. I'll second that... especially the Ammar stuff. Also, David Roths "Expert Coin Magic"

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