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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ben Long, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. I'm using a half-dollar to practice. I think there isn't enough friction on my fingers because it keeps sliding off. Any suggestions?
  2. hold your hand flatter if its sliding off. the coin should be rolling across a perfectly flat(excluding the bumps where fingers end) surface. This took me awhile to get as good as i am and im not great. practice a lot.
  3. Should the coin be closer to the knuckles or the second row of joints. Also, should the fingers be bent?
  4. that video is a great teaching device... im assuming its legal and all that and if it is then its a big help to a lot of people... but of course the one tip is PRACTICE! try timing yourself on how many you can do in a minute.. then after a week come back and do it again and if you cant beat it, you havent practiced enough... :D
  5. I can do 34 in one minute.
  6. i dont practice it enough anymore, but i believe i could get around 30 in a minute, give or take a few...
  7. i think i heard on this forum somewhere that if you lick the back of your fingers it makes the roll a bit easier and helps the coin from sliding off.
  8. Yeah, I actually tried that and it works, but it wears off pretty quickly and ends up drying your hand out more, so you just lick them again and it gets dried up again and it keeps going, spiraling into a vicious cycle. Oh the humanity!
  9. Hey man, What you really want to do is watch t.v. or a movie, or as your reading a book or the paper, just do the coin roll.

    Dont think about it, and it will look great, and dont forget the other hand..
    along with the muscle pass, both hands your GOLDEN!

    Good Luck
  10. thats another good idea, the same goes for classic palming just do it whenever you bored or watching TV or whenever.
  11. One key with a smooth coin roll is getting a feel for the amount of tilt / pitch / angle of the hand (how much lower you hold the pinky vs. your forefinger) which can help how fast the coin rolls from the space between one pair of fingers to the other.

    It's an issue of feel and practice... One of those things where when you perform a "good one!" you analyze what you did for the "good one" and try to do it again.

    Wish I could be a bit more specific than, "keep trying -- when you do it right, try to do it again". But even some slieghts on DnD's Trilogy, the Buck's will say that there's kind of a knack to it. Same thing here.
  12. Practice it while concentrating on other things.

    go as slow as possible and make sure you have no wasted moves or extra movements.

    but its just something that you will just gradually get better at. I work at a register and have hours to practice it. just find a time where you can just keep it rolling.
  13. siting in front of the T.V with a JAR of quarters between my legs helped a lot with reseting dropped coins. go go drop next go go go drop next etc. don't forget to change hands like i did or you'll end up like me,great with my right and slow with the left.

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