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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by holo, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. I would just like some people's recommendations for coin routines. I think I would like to be doing 3 coin routines at the moment. Preferably, a coins across, a one coin routine, and a third one for good measure. The reason I want three routines, is that I am not currently working on cards very much at the moment and I want to focus on coins for a while. I have modern coin magic, ITBTWC, and the real secrets of magic 1 + 2. I also have some other material somewhere.

  2. Homer Liwag's CoinOne and CoinTwo are very nice. With coin one you get an impromptu coins across routine which is somewhat similar to the CoinOne routine. It's called "The Deep" and it's taught by Chris Kenner.

    With CoinTwo you get the CoinTwo routine with an impromptu version as well. "The Deep" is my favorite impromptu coins across routine right now and I highly recommend it.
  3. I would recommend TOOC. If you can't wait for the DVD set just get the book, ive had it for a couple months and I cant recommend it enough. Before I got that the only coin things I did were from BoBo's book but I love that book so I'd Get it if your not planning on getting the DVD's.
  4. I do have Bobo's book, it is phenomonal. Yes, TOOC looks like an amazing book.
  5. I would suggest looking (hard) for Troy Hooser's beautiful book, DesTROYers for more exceptional coin magic, and some evry cool card stuff too.

  6. I totally agree, if you're into an interesting coin routine, you should really give the Charming Chinese Challenge a go. It's fun to do and fun to watch.
  7. Alright, thanks guys, I will look into all of your suggestions.
  8. The stuff in Troy's book is excellent.
    I enjoy Charming Chinese Challenge....great coin routine and not al that hard to do.

    Extroydinary is and has been a favorite in my act for over 13yrs.

    Also check out Charlie Justice's Covert Coins....good utility moves there and a nice solid routine.

    Kurtis Kam's Cashablanca has a cool three coins accross routine with straight coins that is also fun.

  9. Hey guys, just a quick question that I don't think a new thread is in need for. Which retention vanish do you prefer, the classic Roth one, or the one taught on silver dream? I like both of them a lot, but I wanted the advice from some other coin workers.
  10. its time to look deeper

  11. If you recall DesTROYers is heavy on the gaffs. Bobos, in the beginning, stone- is there a whole lot of gaff routines in there? not a lot, so desTROYers would not be recommended unless the good sir buys quite a few good gaffs.

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