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  1. Just wondering if any of you have tried inventing your own coin flourishes?

    Just imagine the possibilities, two handed rolls, 12 coin circle displays, false flips, muscle passes over the head, palm spread turnovers, spinning the coin on your hand, spinning it on your fingertip, flipping it off the back of your hand, and maybe even having the coin slide across your chest or something.
  2. All those flourishes have been done and taught before. Coin flourishes arent that flexible like card flourishes.

    With card flourishes, you can just make up some random thing that no body has done before. But with coin flourishes, you can only do so much. So even if you think you made something up, there's probably someone who does it on a daily basis. For example, i've seen dozens of people "invent" the spinning double on the top of the deck after lee asher.
  3. MagicShadow9, I'm pretty sure Infernvs's post was a joke. I figured that out when he got to "muscles passes over the head" lol :D
  5. Yes, I have thought of this. In fact, I contacted De'vo a couple of years ago to see if he'd have any issue with the use of the name "Xtreme Coin Manipulation". (He did have an issue with it, just in case you're wondering.) Anyway, that particular project got shelved, but, while coins aren't as flexible (literally) as cards, I think there are still a lot of flourishes to be explored. With a bit of thought, you can come up with many variations of roll-out displays, in a similar way to multi-packet card displays. Plus, when it comes to manipulating a stack of coins as a single unit, the surface has only just been scratched..
  6. You can do chip tricks with half dollars.

    Rich Fergueson has a good Chip Trick DVD, also check out some vids on

    Coinstry is already being done, but with poker chips!

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