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  1. Hey guys,
    My name is Keith, I've been a member here for a while and I am a Media Studies major at NYU. I've also been doing magic for almost ten years. For one of my classes we were asked to observe and report on an online community, and I thought an online community such as Theory 11 would be an amazing place to do my project. The online magic community is one like no other in terms of collaboration and interaction. Just wanted to make sure it would be ok with y'all if I chose to observe and report on the forums. Everything written will obviously be confidential, and most importantly, there will be no exposure to the lay audience. I hope you guys are cool with this. Thanks so much,

  2. Sounds great! Good luck!

    Btw, is it just TXI or other places too?
  3. What do you mean by "Observe and report"? Report what?
  4. Doesn't posting like this risk a Hawthorne Effect?
  5. The subjects would have to give a damn. So no. No risk.
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  6. I appreciate this guys, thanks so much. Its just going to be TXI. And just report on the community as a whole. Nothing too specific, hopefully just a glipse into the community we have here from an academic perspective. If anyone would be kind enough to offer any anecdotes about their experience on here I would love to talk to you. Thanks agian
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  7. Sounds cool!!
  8. Hey guys, Quick little questionnaire I would love for any of you to fill out.

    What does the theory 11 community mean to you?

    How does talking to magicians on here differ from your interactions in real life with magicians (if you have any, if this is the way you get to talk to magicians please let me know!!!)

    How this community has influenced you

    Thanks so much guys, I've had so much fun observing so far!
  9. There are no magicians other than me in my town so this community gives me the opportunity to connect with others all around the globe.

    Good luck with your project.
  10. Like Khaleel said, I'm pretty much the only teenager that does magic near me (apart from a couple friends who do a couple card tricks I've shown them).

    The community also gives many points of view on certain subjects, and offer a lot of stuff I don't know.
  11. The theory 11 community means a lot to me as I am really the only magician near me. The people on the forum help so much with little things that make a big difference. They have influenced me to go out of my comfort zone and perform for people everywhere!

    Good Luck!

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