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  1. This article, "Mysterium: Card Counting 101," written by Jason England, talks, mainly, as examples, about 2 different card-counting techniques, the Hi-Lo count and the K-O count.

    In the article it states that the Hi-Lo count is a balanced count.
    "If you’ll recall, the Hi-Lo had the same number of high cards as it did low cards. The Hi-Lo is an example of a balanced count," (Quoted from the article).

    The article states the K-O count is an unbalanced count.
    "First of all, the K-O is not a balanced count. There are now 24 low cards, 8 medium cards, and only 20 high cards," (Quoted from the article).

    However, in the fourth paragraph from the bottom of the article, Jason says,
    "Although I didn’t mention it earlier, the Hi-Lo (and other unbalanced counts) needs an adjustment before it can be used at a real table,".

    Is this a typo or am I missing something? If it is a typo, did he mistakenly put the Hi-Lo count instead of the K-O count, or did he mean to say "other balanced counts" instead of "other unbalanced counts"?

    The article can be found here:


  2. Good catch. Yes, that should have read "...the Hi Lo (and other balanced counts) needs an adjustment before it can be used at a real table."

    The truth is, you can bet off of the running count without converting it to a true count for balanced systems like the Hi Lo, but you lose a lot of information fidelity that way.

    Likewise, you can use a true count conversion on a count that doesn't need one (like the KO), but your increase in EV is minimal, so most players don't bother.

    I didn't mention this in the article because it's advanced information and more interesting to theorists than real players. Regardless, the original text is in error and you caught it.

    Nice job.


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