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  1. Hey. I'm thinking about making a tutorial ( and putting it on The Wire) for one of my favorite moves: Angel Hair. Is it decent enough? I love performing it ( it's one of my favorites that I have created) and I hope it's original for the wire and I would love some great CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM to help me better my moves. Please be kind.

  2. There are some cool moments in the flourish, but I do not think that it is original/creative enough to warrant a release on The Wire. I think that instead of focusing on getting published and selling our creations (speaking generally to cardists, not to you), we need to keep making moves and making videos. If it weren't for YouTube and Instagram then I don't think I would be doing cardistry. Watching other people do their moves is super inspiring to me and I think that having so many tutorials for moves that are only 50% of what they could be is going to improve me as a cardist.
    As for the fourish, I would try to smoothen out your move, and make it so that more than one packet/card is moving at one time. If you are confused by what I just said, then take a look at probably the most well-constructed flourish out there: Barolo 2. () There is almost always two or three packets moving at a time. This makes the flourish intriguing and entertaining to a spectator.
    BTW you don't have to listen to me this might not have made sense but that's fine.
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  3. Thanks for the advice it helped a lot.
  4. You're getting much, much better. This flourish is not completely original, but if it was sold for free, than it may be fine. Before you do that, you should work on smoothness and speed. Make more your movements look more natural. Right now, it looks like the "smooth" part of the flourish is forced. Let it glide. May I also recommend learning more moves first before you start advancing onto creating your own moves? *BTW that was a cool transition with the guy pushing the camera away.

    Good luck,

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