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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Kuzelnik, Apr 4, 2020.

    • just wanted to ask if anyone has any recommendations where to continue in magic. Cause what i learned is just from youtube and i want to change on that . So i wanted to ask where do i continue. Any book or video recommendations?
  1. What kind of magic do you want to learn? If you're doing card magic, Roberto Giobbi's Card College is going to crop up pretty soon.
    I can think of someone (ahem) whose going to tell you to get Vanishing Inc.'s Magic In Mind ebook. I'll second this advice. For one, it's totally free (just sign up at Vanishing Inc. (also for free)), second of all, it'll change your view on magic and make you view it in a completely different way.
  2. Thank you very much i will try it out. (and yes, card magic)
  3. I liked the structure and the way everything was arranged and presented in RRTCM. However, its successor, the Expert in Card Technique is a bit of a heavy read. If you choose on this 'royal road' instead of the card college, be warned about the above. However, I think you should combine the two (if financially feasible) for the best effect.

    Get Karl Fulves' work on card magic too. Get Paul Zenon's book on Street Magic and Mark Wilson's course in magic. These have other effects too, but a lot of genius card effects.


    Actually, while the Magic in Mind is a fabulous investment in the time and energy (not money, yay!) that is important to correctly 'exploit' its goodness, a sound knowledge of the basic magic ideas and how to read a magic book is more important. So if you've never read a magic book before, I suggest you read a couple, just a couple, before getting the Magic In Mind. Otherwise you won't be able to put it into great use immediately (in my opinion).

    Regardless, yes, it's a great e-book.

    I don't know of any videos, but I will ask you not to discard any source completely. You Tube is a valuable source when one knows one's way correctly through it. Keep it a constant, no source is useless. :)
  4. If money isn't a problem get the Card College Series -- even if you have to buy one book at a time.

    If you are looking for a less expensive option, here would be the list:

    Scane on Card Trick (Self-Working)
    Royal Road to Card Magic - Hugard / Braue
    Card Control - Buckley
    The Magic of LePaul - LePaul
    Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtleties - Mentzer
    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (Self-Working / Gimmicks)
    Expert Card Technique
    Expert at the Card Table

    Best general magic book you can get.

    I think that YouTube typically will do more harm than good.
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  5. Darwin Ortiz will argue that it's better to buy one book at a time -- see his essay "Next Book Syndrome" in Magic In Mind.

    @MohanaMisra I've started with Derren Brown's book, and already I can see a lot of your words shining through (or his words shining through in your posts? [insert thinking emoji]). I'll reserve judgment until I've read it through, but so far it's a good read.
  6. Hey, I know right? What is the best thing about that book is that if you get bored with the current chapter, you can literally open it anywhere and start reading from there. The only thing is, Derren made me realise how small even my big-words-vocabulary is! :D

    I firmly believe that what people think, say and do is a direct representation of what they see, the people they talk with the most, and what they read.

    I won't disagree completely... You Tube does create a particular type of magicians. But again, I feel that judicious and intelligent usage of YT as a source does no harm (or the least). The harm in You Tube is the same as say, watching T.V. instead of reading a book, in my opinion. You Tube makes it so easy for magicians to learn things and influences them so much that it becomes difficult to come out of that whirlpool, pulling you in the sea of colour changes and purchased short effects. But again, there's a yin and a yang.
  7. Wow. Thanks for the support. And just wanted to point out i’m pretty young not that i cannot read but you know. And i’m also not a native english speaker so not only my english will be better but also my “Magic skills” if you can call them that. Also thanks i will try to check out some of the books you recommended. And is there anything else i should know about the community, or the influence, or just the way of magic in general?
  8. And also i just checked the books on the book stores in my country but none of them seem to have those books. Is there any way i could get the books in a e-book format?
  9. As somebody who regularly annoys his friends with words no sane person would even want to know, I can relate.

    Personally, I like to watch YouTube videos if I'm not making any progress with a particular sleight after practicing it from the book. Many YouTubers are very skilled sleight-of-hand-wise, so I'll just watch the first five seconds of their tutorial to see the demonstration of the technique. This form of viewing has helped me a few times, and I don't believe it to be harmful.
  10. Some of the older stuff like Expert at the Card Table, Royal Road, Expert Card Technique is definitely available in e-book format. But one thing about magic books is that you generally will only find very basic ones in normal book shops, try local magic shops or online ones that ship internationally.
  11. If you sign up at you can access the Learned Pig Project which has a lot of books that are in the public domain in electronic format.
  12. Where are you from? That might help us recommend stores.

    However, till date, all the books I have purchased are from Amazon.

    When I said that reading a magic book for the first time would be tough, I didn't mean you can't read (sorry if it came across that way), but more that reading a magic book is not the same as reading other types of books (for one, the 'return' is often not immediate) and sometimes can be so boring (depending on the thoughtfulness of the author, ha ha! :D ) or use words so old (refer to the works of Reginald Scot) that reading them is much more difficult.

    Don't worry however, English isn't my native language either, but we manage, right? :p

    Yes. Know that no matter how thorough an author or a video-instructor about a sleight, every sleight differs for every person. Absolutely.
    (as I was helpfully told on these forums myself)

    After all, where would we even be sans our consciousness and command of the farrago of the words of English language? :D
  13. Thanks and i also tried Amazon but the shipping is expensive for us, so unless my parents won't buy anything neither will I. But the good news is i found a book on one of the stores in my country that someone on this post recommended!!! I couldn't be happier. Even tho the site is kinda fishy it doesn't matter to me. Just so you know it is the Expert Card Techniques book. Hopefully i will get it by the next two weeks. Thanks for everything and thanks to everyone
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  14. Ok, you got me. I had to look up "farrago".
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  15. The problem here is that it's very difficult to have "judicious and intelligent usage" of YouTube until one has learned enough from sources outside of YouTube to know what's crap (99%) and what's worth paying attention to (1%).
  16. Great choice but remember, it's a level above The Royal Road To Card Magic. Hence the book will assume you know a lot of things already. Think carefully before making the purchase and if you do buy it first, then be prepared to do a lot of background work to work out the book. :)

    Exactly! Which is why one needs to be aware of all the sources magic can be learnt from. After that, it's sort of a matter of luck which source one discovers first!
  17. Unfortunately YouTube is where pretty much anyone who has internet access goes to learn a new skill, so that's where almost everyone gets into magic now. That's just a fact of life at the moment.

    The question becomes whether said person then goes and finds quality instruction or whether they are happy to circle around each other on YouTube.
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  18. Honestly, it's pretty easy to identify people who have clearly no point of reference other than certain famous You Tube channels. Mostly because they don't even change the suggested patter or video titles sometimes. Sometimes, I find it pretty funny :D

    The sad thing of course is, that the 'laymen' can't ''identify'' them...
  19. I know things like the herman pass, classic pass, classic force, hindu shuffle force, classic palm, tenkai palm, double turnover force (don't know exactly what its called), false riffle shuffle, false overhand shuffle obviously the double lift, top change so by this information would you recommend the book or should I go a level down? (btw those are not the only things i know just the most useful i know (in my opinion))

    I am saying this because i also found the royal road to card magic book

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