Control I've been performing with.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Blindside462, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Michael Stern has a control that's just like that. Actually, his is smoother. Here's a video showcasing it.
  2. its a very old move, called the pacoima shift.
  3. Hey Nick, good stuff man. Shoot me a PM so we can session sometime. I'll show you some of the things I've been working on - It's been a while eh?
  4. Hey Rich, have you got any references for that move?
  5. it was taught to me by larry jennings almost 20yr. ago i saw the move used
    again some years later who said he to learned it from jennings i dont know if
    it is his or not.i have not seen it in print, but if i ever find it will let you know.
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    We will have to do that Austin. It's been quite a while.

    Here is a brief show on the how-to, because I am feeling like good ol' St. Nciholas.
  7. You're gonna wanna remove that dude. You'll probably get in trouble. Not the kind of thing we condone here.
  8. Showing the mechanics of my own control? Sure, I'll remove it then.
  9. holy ****!! what is that move..I want to learn it..where I can learn that move? :)
  10. wow....very2 creative...i've seen some one performing it on youtube..on a magic con or somthing... is that you??
  11. No, I know someone else has a variation on this from what people tell me.
  12. i have to put a multiple user contro software in a school with more than ten computer, so each user can have his or her account and all to be contro by admin.

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