Coolest Invention in Magic

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by timft, May 16, 2008.

  1. The greatest invention in magic is the invention of our own reality when we perform.


  2. Wow. That's deep.
  3. That definitely is up there in the top ten.
  4. Touching...
  5. The coolest invention in magic is Invisible thread period. Closest thing to real magic.

  6. Come on, it's the double lift guys =]
  7. Who in here uses the junior size D'Lites?

    My buddy works for them and sent me a box full of them (all sizes and colors too), and I have 1 set of junior size left. Not sure if they're the color morph ones or red ones, but I'll go ahead and send them to whomever PM's me first, postage paid. :)
  8. What's with this "experience" thing in a forum? That's just ridiculous.
  9. I won't lie. I'm a big fan of the expanded shell.
  10. I think ET or US2K are some of the coolest,

    coin gaffs are FREAKN AWESOME though.

    It's got to be a gimmick though, because they enable you to get SO CLOSE to real magic.

  11. Some of the coin gaffs out there are seriously some of the coolest inventions I have seen. I remember when I bought my first folding coin (way before it was used as a bite-out coin), I was really amazed by the idea. Seriously, who thinks up stuff like the folding coin? :eek:

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