Cork screwing sort of flourish

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  1. I saw this guy on instagram do a Faro, with thr cards on the table and then does some sort of fanning so both ends rotate (like a corkscrew, circular motion). I asked for the name of the trick but he daid he didn't know. Any ideas what it's called and how to do the fanning after the faro?
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  2. Can you link the video?
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  3. No but here's a screenshot SmartSelectImage_2017-10-27-08-15-31.jpg
  4. Sorry i dont know that flourish...
  5. I don't know the name of it, though I've been doing it for a bit. Try applying pressure to the center of a deck on a table and turning your hand, you get a similar effect. You can then use that to develop the "corkscrew"

    1st thing he did was a table faro, but you can do one in the hands. Tabled faros are super hard

    Next, he applied pressure to the center of the place where the 2 packets overlap.

    He then applied a little bit of pressure to the centers of the other 2 packets.

    He then turned it.

    Or at least, this is what I do to get the effect.
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  6. Makes perfect sense! Thanks! I will try as soon as I get a deck of cards in my hands!
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  7. I tried this by the way... It's hard. lol.
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