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  1. I've always wanted to create my own custom deck. After thinking about what it would look like I thought of what I think is a great design. What computer program could I use to create the design?
  2. I would recommend using Adobe Photoshop. You can use a trial version of the program by downloading it via Adobe's main site (

    No matter which program you use, make sure to have the DPI set to your desired quality of print.
  3. i woud go for Adobe Illustrator instead, just because of the vector graphics and designing.:eek:
  4. I did mine way back on Fireworks. Not as good as Photoshop tho. (the vector work stinks). But it got the job done.

    (They are obviously inspired by DnD's deck)

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    Thanks for all the different programs, I'll be sure to check them out. Since gimp is free I will try it first. I looked at it and can't seem to figure out how to download it. Can someone help? Also, what is a vector?
  6. there basically are two kinds of pictures: rasters and vectors. raster is made out of pixels and if you zoom in you get to see those blocks (the pixels) and vectors arent and you wont get to see blocks when you zoom in, it stays sharp. thats why designers use Illustrator instead of Photoshop because Illustrator has vectors and Photoshop does not.:)
  7. I agree...

    I totally agree with Aviva. Illustrator would be the best program to design the backs. It can also be done with Photoshop, but I don't advise anyone to try not unless you are an intermediate or advanced user. These programs can be quite costly, I am sure other programs exist.
  8. How do you get the decks printed? Is there a company that does this? Do you get to design the face cards too? Cost? Too many questions?
  9. I just want you all to know... If you want terrible quality cards then go by those prices that you see on the website. If you want good quality cards like bike stock or tally ho - be prepared to buy a minimum of 500 and for some companies it's 1000 decks. That's something they fail to mention.

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