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  1. This may make me seem like a mean person but i need to say it. Nowadays it's rare for me to watch someone perform and enjoy it. I can't help but cring and feel like i would rather do anything else. What is happening?
  2. Well, I can't speak for you, but for me I cringe because the presentations are so often so, so bad. Not to mention the frequency with which people post videos that contain flashes or other mechanical errors that give away the method. There's absolutely no excuse not to post the best example of what you can do (multiple takes and all that), so I have to assume that what I'm seeing is the best that person can do. Which means they should spend that time practicing and rehearsing, instead of making videos.
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  3. I cringe when there is nothing but narration of the props in the performer's hands.
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  4. I understand completely. People take magic the wrong way when they think they are doing it right. I see examples of this all over the internet and world.
  5. Change the magicians you watch.

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