Criss Angel... magician of the century?

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  1. So, flipping throught the channels the other night, I saw Criss Angel on WWE, as mentioned in a previous thread. Well, what was failed to be mentioned was that Criss Angel was recently named "Magician of The Century". So, I thought to myself....I've only known who Criss Angel is for around 5 years or so....So, which century is he the best magician of? The 20th? The 21st?....If its the latter of the 2....wouldn't that be like giving out an artist of the decade for 2000-2010 in 2001? There is still 90 years! left to this century...and hardly anyone knew who he was in the 90's. Where does he get these "awards"??? a gumball machine???

    What a joke!
  2. I don't know which party said it but it's the WWE. They've been known to talk a little trash.
  3. Who exactly named him "Magician of the Century"? If it was the WWE, then obviously it's not true. If it was the IBM then that is real.
  4. It was the International Magicians Society that named Criss Angel Magician of the DECADE. as well as magician of the year a few times.
  5. What can i say, he's the Mindfreak, what he does, he does very well, you can't knock that.

    Before he was well publicized, Criss was amazing people for a very long time. in 85, when i was born, Criss started taking his magic to the next level then. After dead end gigs, its about time he is who he has become. The one thing he does is connect with people. That something i try to do when i perform. And the supporting cast he's always equipped with is really kool. He's a larger than life figure. If you still have doubts about who the magician of the Decade should be, ask around to non magicians, who is the greatest magician they ever saw. After a full tally, i guarantee Angel will surpass any name you may have in mind. Copperfield may be a close second to older non magicians. To younger ones, you'll get a few Blaines, but the conversation starts and end with Angel. If you are thinking anyone from T11, or any other magician we currently buy effects from, that is waaaay off. On a international level, no one knows who these guys are. No disrespect to them. But seriously, Its like comparing McDonalds to a local burger joint. Sure the homers know what it is, but outside of that, who knows???

    Think about it.
  6. As every magician should do.

    Cause that's relevant. . .

    Actually, people I've talked to mention David Blaine and never quite remember Angels name when we're talking about magicians they've seen.

    The thing about these stupid awards is that it's not about being good or amazing at magic. It's about promoting yourself. You could be the best magician ever! But if no one knows you, than you don't exist. Criss Angel obviously did a great job at meeting the right people and showcasing himself. It's about schmoozing people and letting yourself be known for what you do.
    There wasn't an audition for a magician television series that NBC(or whatever) came up with and he was just the best one. No way. It was him vs. no one(or at least he had to live up to Blaine's specials). That's why I hate awards that claim, "The Best . . . in the World". BullSh*t!
    Unless every magician out of the 6 Billion people in the world competed, than it's garbage.
    Whatever, I'm not going to care about it too much. The only people who really know this stuff are magicians anyway.
  7. Sorry but even saying Criss Angel and Magician in the same breath is bollocks
  8. So.... who cares? This doesn't really effect us that all
  9. It's just something that gets under your skin sometimes when thinking of many great magicians. And supposedly the one who we're all suppose to look up to and admire is the most non-realistic magician there is.
    It's a slap in the face to our profession knowing that CA represents us.
    More like an oxymoron.
  10. I don't see why people slander his name all the time. It is something that honestly pisses me off.
    He is successful, and he is a good performer. He inspires people, he fools people. He has his own show, he is known internationally. His methods may be different than any others but it doesn't change the fact that he is honestly a good magician, I don't care for his methods much either but that doesn't change how successful he is
  11. I hear that there is a lot of the "behind the scene" things that you don't know about. Like screwing too many people over to be at the top. It might not be true, but too many people say it.
  12. For the longest time, I didn't appreciate Criss Angel much, dismissing his work as unoriginal (meaning all the thinking behind his effects were done by others), and dishonest to the viewers (camera tricks, etc).

    But I thought about it for a while, and that's what magic is.... complete dishonesty. As times change, the types of lies told to the audience changes, I think. Television is a medium through which magic has barely been enjoyed (minus David Blaine's specials, and Copperfield's stuff, and some other random stuff).

    The live audience that Criss Angel performs for while filming might not see exactly what the viewers at home see, but I'm willing to bet that most of the people that do see him come close to ****ting their pants... You can't get reactions like he does from so many different people without them being genuinely surprised/intrigued.

    What does a magician do? He convinces laymen/others that the impossible is possible. Wouldn't performing "unrealistic effects" be part of that job description?
  13. nothing against you, but who are these people, and what did criss do to these people??? just curious??? i would like to know why he's hated so much.....
  14. Like I said I could be wrong, but I hear he screws a lot of people over in dealings and what not.
  15. Take it easy there tanto.
    Main reason is because there's many stories going around that are said to be true concerning Cwiss Angel, that he is indeed a deush.

    You sound like a kid who just found out superman isn't real. Calm down. Cwiss doesn't need you to defend him on an internet forum, there's plenty of the gothic groupies for that.
  16. I don't think that he is attempting to defend Criss Angel, mearly the fact that he is curious as am I.
    (P.S: If you are going to insult another magician with vulgure language, I recommend you at least spell it properly) ;)
  17. no no no Zach, i am not as knowledgable on that topic when speaking about Criss, I'm curious as to what he's done to people and who they are...kinda like hearing the behind the scene stuff when talking wrestling...i'm asking this question because i'm curious, not out of any hatred or backlash at you...thats what i'm asking...
  18. thanks...thats exactly what i'm asking...yeah danny, i'm not trying to take up for him, i'm trying to find out the actual story or facts. if he's hated that bad, i do want to find out what he's done and to whom...haha...
  19. Im wondering the same thing. Id like to hear where he got this info.
  20. I am pretty sure Sankey is not on the best terms with Criss. Banachek is very professional when you ask him about Criss but at the same time does not say anything overly nice about him.

    The overal impression that I get is that he is very hard to work with and often goes over the top.

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