Critisism about my routine please

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Flex, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. okay guys, I've been practicing the cardini change with the advises that I took from you guys, and mainly from Fezzikthemagician. so here's my video showing the change (with a made up trick that involves an exposed cardini with one hand. and failed flourishes.)

    any constructive critisism is welcome. (go easy on me I'm a n00blet)

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    The double needs some work, but the change itself was quite well executed. Overall: Nice job.
  3. yea, about the double.. I kept screwing it up for some reason.. It's not that bad normally :)

    thanks for the tip. I removed it from the description.
  4. suppose I should remove that part of my comment...but then you'd have to remove your quote of me...whatever this is a magic forum who cares.
  5. yea, I'm sure anyone can figure that out :D
  6. Hey Flex, first of all, you need to work on Doctor Double, and trying to feel the fluid. The cardini change was astounding and magical! Just keep working on the double. Hope that you don't take my criticism harshly. Just want to help you out.
  7. I agree with everyone on the double, if it was just a camera thing then I can understand.((I know I usually have to film 2 or 3 times when sending private videos because I mess stuff up)

    The Cardini was one of the most magical I've seen in a looong time.

    I will admit, I didn't catch the one handed cleanup until it was almost over, the fan brought my attention pretty well. Full body shot, well timed line, and a quick cleanup and that trick could easily be a worker.

    Good job.
  8. Hey man! Nice to see you have improved on the change! I'm glad I could help.

    If the double doesnt work in the shoot, just retake. You want it to be just about top notch when you put a vid up.

    As for the change, it was really good, but I sensed you seemed just a bit tense with it. Like your full hand immediatley went down onto the deck to clean up. (If you watch my vid again, or my back in black vid on vimeo) you can see that its only my fingers grasp the deck to clean up. You had a bit of a clamp-like feel, but thats just what I see.)

    Based off your previous post for help, you have improved a TON. So keep it up, and just work on refining it.

    I personally wouldn't do that made up trick. Nothing against it, I think it can be a real worker for you, but just not my style. Nonetheless, keep up the good work!
  9. yeah, I realized that now. I see that I cover too much of the card. I'll do it the right way from now on.

    thanks again everyone!you guys are awesome. thanks for your kind comments. :D
  10. I'm not saying my way is necessarily the "right way", but a more open and less suspicious way.

    No problem man, I'm glad to help and see you improve!
  11. Please let me know what kind of a receiver are you using and if you are sure you are not behind two NATs.

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