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  1. Hello Theory 11,

    I've been working on my custom card designs and plan to have them printed sometime this year. so far i have the back design part way done and I plan of having custom ace of spades, joker and face cards as well.

    I think the back is near enough done that I could stop now but I wanted to ask you Option before starting on the ace.

    so please just tell me what you think about it, that would be great.

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  2. It seems a bit bland, though with color it probably looks better.

  3. it looks a little like the DnD deck........
  4. How, exactly, does it look like "the DnD deck?"
  5. I really like the general pattern, but I think it looks too plain. I think you should elaborate it some more.

    I'm interested to see how this deck turns out.
  6. How exactly are you going to print them so you can do the faces too?
    I designed a deck of cards too and I'm looking for a place to print them on a decent stock and finish.
  7. I doubt kardwell uses high quality stock and finish.

    During career fairs, I often see companies that have their own playing cards and man they barely even have a finish and don't even dream about fanning them : /

    well then again, absoluts were probably made in a similar fashion, but a lot of people dont like them.


    Oh, I see... (after visiting the site) I suppose a company tries to attract top students don't really care about them trying to do card tricks and fanning them :p so I suppose the high quality ones they make should be decent or at least half decent.

    Good luck :D
  8. this looks NOTHING like the DnD deck. If you asked me this design is really weak, you have a long way to go, if i were you i would just start over... and really, dont waste your cash printing these, they may be they best you can do now but you will highly regret it in the future... but then again, do what you want....

    good luck,
  9. I said I was part way done and wanted your input before I finished it
  10. Don't scrap it. It needs a good deal of finishing up, but you've got a solid first step. Specific advice is to fill in a lot of that empty space, particularly in that black spot in the middle and around the edges.
  11. hows this

    i've worked on it a bit more what do you think?

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  12. Sweet dude! i totaly want a pack of red ones
  13. I dunno, it's hard to articulate but they don't do it for me. The solid black in the middle looks shapeless, rather than being a solid intentional design. The thinner black looks nice but imo it's offset by the centre black. Maybe if that black was turned into a design in the centre, or at least reduced in size? Just my opinion. Good luck
  14. What about making the shape in the middle white, and the colour of the card black? :p
  15. i think it looks fine. just add a little more work to it.

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