D&D selling Jerry's Nuggets for $1?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stanhimself, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. people. thionk about it from a business standpoint: Why the hell would DnD buy jerries for, say, 10 cents a deck and sell for a dollar? when they can buy decks in the thousands for a few cents a deck and sell for 5.95 each? It's not profitable to sell a deck for 1.00 unless they are total crap cards.
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    I bought 5 bricks. =D
  3. LOL This thread wins the award for the biggest circle jerk over a deck of cards ever.

    Just because some idiot is willing to pay 500 bucks for a deck of cards doesn't make them worth 500 bucks.
  4. They aren't being sold for a dollar, they are being sold for a Buck. Buck.... capitalized.... duh, am I the only one who go that? I saw this more as an investment opportunity than a opportunity to get them just for the sake of having the same cards that the twins use....
  5. You're not the only person who got it.
  6. You are one lucky guy!

    I think you bought all of theyre stock :)
  7. I just blackmailed them with the Lazytown deck.
  8. Lazytown deck is like worth more than jerrys.

    Oh and was the B capitalize? cool. even more of a hint.

    I think you guys should read the description next time. says a lot there.

    Bit of a "Ha-Ha" moment there. It cant have been a typo. If you knew D&D, you'd know that everything they do exceeds standard.
  9. It's a good thing that cards really make the magician.

    Oh, wait.
  10. No lie my heart just made a big pound when I saw that. no lie.
  11. What did your heart do when you found out they were all gone? :p
  12. You guys are missing it. They're selling them for one buck, put the clues together...

    They've lost their other brother (Dick Buck) and now they're offering a pack of Jerrys Nuggets for whomever finds him.

    Why Dick you say? Dan, Dick & Dave sounds funny.
  13. I think I charted my pants. lol.
  14. Damn I wish they were in stock. I would have bought 3 bricks. A few to use and the others to sell on ebay lol.
  15. did they come out today..
    That sucks i just ordered cards 10 mins ago......
  16. Wow, some people are really getting serious about this. Sure, Jerry's are just cards, but they're also worth hundreds.
    If I had the chance I would have bought some, as an investement, and I'm sure that's what everyone else meant. Nobody actually believes that Jerry's will make them better :p
  17. Its just the satisfaction of knowing that *Pros* use them etc and they dont sell no more.

    If the bucks used say Aladdins, and they were from like the 70s then ppl will rave about them the same as jerrys

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