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Mar 3, 2008
I've been waiting 5 weeks for my decks that I bought from dananddave.com and theres still no decks here. I've mailed them twice and no reply either. I think their support is bad. So if you want a good customer support, don't buy things from dananddave.

(Look down on these posts, I had a reply from Dan now. They fixed everything.)
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Mar 3, 2008
I had a reply from Dan now. They have missed me or something. He now sent me the decks with the fastest shipping, that's good.
Aug 9, 2008
I personally like DND's support. I bought "Trilogy" from them about a month ago. I'm currently in Iraq and asked them to ship it to me here, and they shipped it to the wrong address, like it wasn't even close. So I submitted a trouble ticket, so they sent "Surfaced" by accident, and I submitted another trouble ticket. Finally they sent the correct DVD to the correct address, and somehow all three DVD's made it to me. I emailed them again to ask if they wanted me to ship "Surfaced" and the extra copy of "Trilogy" back to them. Dan Buck himself replied and told me to keep them. So if I sold the extra copy of "Trilogy" I would have gotten "Trilogy" and "Surfaced" for free. So I have no complaints.
Sep 3, 2007
Nice story, but really... that makes them seem even worse since they messed the order up so many times. It was very nice that you got to keep the extra stuff, but I personally would have rather just gotten my stuff when and where it was supposed to get to me.

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BL dude.. I personally hate T11 and Dnd and E for 2 reasons Shipping price and support... however, only one of the two reasons may apply to these companies.

I'm not gonna bother getting in on the whole shipping issue as that was in another thread... but for service I disagree with you. I never ordered from Dan and Dave, but I have ordered from E/T11 on more than one occasion. Both have great customer support.

With E I have had some shipping problems that were fixed up and with T11, one time I was having trouble ordering from them.. so I randomly get a phone call from one of the support guys (forgot who it was) and they helped me out. (They knew my number from me trying to get my order through I guess.)

E and T11 both have excellent service.

Jun 24, 2008
Harrisonburg, VA
I ordered "The System" awhile back and it took roughly 3 weeks to arrive. I had submitted tickets and Dave said if I didn't recieve it within a few days to let them know and they'd send another one. A few days passed and I never got it so I let them know, I never heard from them about it and assumed they sent it. About a week later I finally got the dvd and I told them I'd send the other one back had it ever shown up... never did tho.
Sep 4, 2007
Paris, France
DnD are great. For some reason I didn't receive a poster I've ordered with two bricks of wynns and they sent me a new one, which I received very quickly. I also got some apologies. I wonder who got the first poster though :rolleyes:
Sep 7, 2007
I ordered a few decks August 1st and haven't received them yet. I haven't had a problem with D&Ds site before, they've always been great so I hope they will sort things out for me as well. Contacted their Customer Support last friday so we'll see what happens.
Apr 28, 2008
Dan and Dave's customer support isn't up to the standard of E/T11 but this is hardly surprising as there's only 2 of them. They have better things to do than sit at their computer all day in case somebody emails them.

T11 support is exceptional, I got a reply very quickly and they were very helpful.
I seem to remember E being good as well but it's a long time since i've ordered something from them.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Eh, honestly, E was horrible for me. Fast responses by all means, but it sounded like an automated response. It didn't seem like they actually read my problem, I repeated it 3 times and after it failed twice, someone finally said, oh yeah this is your problem - which is what i said about 5 emails ago. Shockingly mindless
Sep 16, 2007
Kent, WA state
E's everything has gone downhill, Back when E was new. (Ninja 1 days) I had an issue with a download. So i e-mailed them and Brad called me himself and helped me fix the issue. Which i thought was really cool. But then E blew up and i dont think it's held up to the same standard.
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