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  1. How are Daniel Garcia's "Next" notes?
  2. good for the price, alot of impromptu effect well worth the money. If i remember correctly, 20 bucks? trust, and get.
  3. Hey,

    Yeah, "Next" Notes are well worth the money. Lybrary.com has it for cheap too.

    Only concern that I had was that it was a little hard to follow Daniel's writing, but you get the hang of it after looking at the pictures and reading the text about a hundred times.

    Hope this helps,

  4. next is rather good,
    but his other notes blueprints are superior IMO

    they teach a few utillity moves and have great tricks

    next is just tricks,
    and its hard to read his writng in next...

    both are good though.
  5. "Next" notes have some great impromptu effects with random objects such as a book of matches or rubberbands. "Blueprints" contains card routines and one coin routine. Both sets of notes are well worth getting!! I love the way DG's mind works!

  6. What kind of bottle is "Whassup!" done with?
  7. It is meant to be done with a beer bottle due to the fact he created it as a "bar" trick.

    The notes are good, I got use out of a few of the effects. The rubberband magic is awesome, it's tricky to understand but, it's not impossible, and hit's HARD.

    Although I have no idea how to do Clip Trip I believe it's called...his writing is difficult at times but, that's the only effect I had trouble with.


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