Daniel Garcia Project - Volume 6

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  1. You can find this here on T11
    Artist: DG
    Price: $34.95

    AD: Concluding the entire series with a bang, volume 6 teaches a whopping 10 visual effects using Tic-tacs, balloons, credit cards, and more. Tricks include V.I.S.A., One Point Production 2.0, Pop, Vortex, Ham and Cheese 2.0, Static Sandwich, On The Rocks, Tric-Tac, iATM, and The OK Coin Vanish.

    VISA: Chances are, you've seen this on Symphony I think it was. Or Five. I can't remember. It stands for Visual Instant Static Attraction. A 3 phase routine with 2 cards. It's ok I guess. Not my cup o tea but it may float your boat.

    OPP 2.0: I wrote this review to talk about OPP 2.0. It is awesome. Like you can do sooooo many things with it. At first I didn't like it. Then I saw Pop and how brilliant that was. I know fully appreciate the move. After around 10 minutes of watching it, an old video popped in my head that had bugged me for years. The video was of Reza doing this amazing Switchblade illusion. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. Anyway, I'd tried to come up with a way that was practical to replicate that illusion. Then I saw OPP 2.0. The only major difference is that Reza uses a wall with his. You need to use a table for my version of the Switchblade illusion.
    If you've seen the actual Switchblade illusion and own Vol 6 of the DGP, use OPP for that illusion and drop jaws.

    Pop: You hand someone a balloon and ask them to blow it up. You have another spectator select and sign a card. You then lose the card in the deck. You riffle the cards towards the balloon. You ask the spectator to shake the balloon. Everyone can clearly hear something in the balloon. You bring out a knife and pop the balloon. Out falls their selected card.

    This was absolutely fantastic. I love it so much. I'd buy V6 just for OPP 2.0 and Pop.

    Vortex: This was another application for OPP 2.0. This mainly seemed like filler to me. You can instantly make a signed card appear between a spectators hands.

    Ham and Cheese 2.0: You most likely remember the original. Well, it's back and improved. By improved I mean that god awful angle issue is now gone. I kinda like this.

    Static Sandwich: I respect the thinking that went behind this but I just didn't like it. :/
    The end phase does look like camera trickery though.

    On the Rocks: A very visual signed coin thru glass. Only uses one coin. This was very good and I will be practicing this more. Good job DG.

    Tric Tac: You change a box of white tic tacs to an orange box of tic tacs. It looks good, it really does. I again didn't care too much for this one.

    iATM: This was awesome. You show your own personal ATM on your iPhone. It dispense money for you! I thought this was an app even though some reviews said it didn't use an app. Well, it doesn't. Good trick.

    The OK Coin Vanish: DG performed this on V2 in the trick Bad Habit, but didn't teach it. He goes over two versions on this DVD. Not a bad vanish at all.

    Now that I've reviewed the effects, I gotta say that Danny was not himself. He was very...robotic, and not his funny self at all. The only funny bits were the random bits with the raccoon hat. I don't know if he had some off days but I was disappointed because I was expecting laughter throughout the DVD.

    Overall: 7.5/10

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