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  1. http://magicisdead.com/

    Deceptions - a monthly journal dedicated to the improvement of the art of magic.

    your thoughts?

    I am quite interested about this.
  2. The only way to truly help magic is if they give the information for free. that is what forums boards and magic communities were intend for, improve magic. Now some of these forums and people using them are a curse at times.
  3. I'm quite interested in this...
  4. I'm lookin forward to this. Could be really fun.
  5. Looks like magic magazine, except modernized. I'll probably check it out.
  6. You cant give this stuff for free. Its teaching magic effects. Its like a magazine,you cant give something like this for free.
  7. Wow this looks great. I'm especially interested in all the T&R stuff.
  8. I have never been let down by d+M. This is loads of cool stuff, each month by topic. Even the first one has something cool from Dee Christopher. This is a lot of material for its price.
  9. deceptions is his take on tnr effcts
  10. this month it is. it will always be something different.
  11. Very nice. Lookin forward to this...
  12. YouTube gives away a bunch of magic for free... well, that's sorta off topic.

    The Deception Journal looks pretty good, I just might check it out.

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