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Daniel Madison's notes

Sep 1, 2007
Does anyone own Daniel Madison's lecture notes One or Two, or his effect RIP? These all look interesting to me but I would like to hear someone else's opinion.

EDIT: Found a fantastic in depth review of One in the reviews section. Should have looked first
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Sep 1, 2007
Leicester, UK
I own both One and Two

I prefer One's effects in general over Two. But Two has an awesome card to spectators pocket and deck vanish in a hat. :D

Jeff Fitzgerald has a review of one of them I think. I'll get around to reviewing them myself sometime this week.

Meanwhile... A-Level Geography Coursework. Man I wish I was doing a magic course :mad:

- Sean
Sep 1, 2007
I own One and Two.. they both are GREAT notes..

I love ONE..

TWO is really nice too, but I prefer ONE..
I think TWO has some strongest effects but dunno why I prefer OOONNNEEEEEEEEE.. xD

Buy it ;)
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