Danny Garcia's nunchuck skills, legos, pogs, or ninja related activities.

lol, you really want to become a mod...

although becoming a moderator is cool that is not what I am shooting for. I am trying to help out the moderators who I believe do a fatastic time with the site. I focus on helping others with their magic as well as learning from others. Becoming a moderator would only be a great bonus for me. I mean really how cool would being a moderator be.

but I am just trying to help for now. and if I am invited to be a mod then good for me but for now I'll stick to helping.
I'm sorry for continuing this and report me if you want.

If members are not allowed to bump threads then why do people get angry when people start similar threads?

I always hear, "Use the search bar."

Well, what if they had a response and wanted to contribute to an old thread? Is that not bumping?

I could be wrong about my definition of "bumping". Could someone PM me or reply back with an answer.



P.S. I don't mean to sound mean or pissed off or anything in this reply. Just confused.
Mitch, I think that the rule about bumping is generally for stopping people from bumping their own threads that have died and they are just trying to get more people to reply to them without actually posting anything constructive to the topic. Or people that go around posting a quick useless comment on many old topics just to build up their total post count but end up flooding the boards with old and dead topics.

In this case we are dealing with one post on a humorous thread where it is hard to judge what is a constructive post or not when in reality none of them are. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, humorous topics once in a while help keep things little and build a community (and hey Dan and Dave even started the topic). So jumping on someone for "bumping" an old topic just because they may have missed it when it first came out is really just a silly act by people that have very little else to worry about in life, which although kind of annoying is actually a good thing.

If our lives were really tough (e.g. bombs falling on our neighborhoods, some new virus sweeping across the nation killing 60% of us, massive drought killing off 90% of our crops and millions starving to death or aliens enslaving the human race and making magic illegal) then none of us would ever care about someone "bumping" an old topic.

Concepts like; When is a topic too old to post on it (2 days, 1 week, 3 weeks, a month)? or How constructive does a post have to be in order for it to not be bumping a thread?, would never be given a moments thought if any of us actually had real problems in life.

So those self appointed forum police that freak out at any imagined infraction, dreaming of the day when the T11 forums will go into total lock down mode like the E forums, don't really bother me anymore. They just remind me that life is pretty damn good for most of us. So just try to ignore them and continue to enjoy life and enjoy the art of magic. :)
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