David Blaine's ice record beaten

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  1. you ran a 3:20 mile? Congrats you own a world record!
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-minute_mile
  3. Congrats to you too. Beaten the world record by 23 second.
  4. But im one the slow guys in my soccer class. There were at least 10 other guys in front of me. At the times they were seniors at least. One guy we named "vaca" ran 3:30 give or take on a daily basis. I only ever did it once.
    I swear to God guys,im being honest here.
    Im back to about 7 or 6:30 minutes though. I dont do for speed anymore just intervals and cardio.
  5. YES I DO, that is why its called ENDURANCE stunts. David blaine is an endurance artist/magician.


    1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress: A marathon tests a runner's endurance.
    2. The state or fact of persevering: Through hard work and endurance, we will complete this project.
    3. Continuing existence; duration.
  6. :):):)

    That's precious.

    If you really did, you'd know there was absolutely no endurance involved in anything Blaine's done, just like there never was in any of the Swami or Fakir stunts of the time. It amazes me that on a board of supposed magicians, people dismiss magic for what it is and seek to attribute special powers to someone.
  7. So he didnt endure standing on a pillar for days then?
    Also,it seems all you know is the swami and fakir stunts yet address none of the others.
    How do you suppose he endured his underwater stunt? It was a world record. You cant cheat the people who call out world records.

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