(db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug McKenzie, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know what time the winner will be announced today?
  2. sometime tonight or in the evening....
  3. I'm going to say 11 est. (like every thing on this site)
  4. Due to inclement weather, DB is on a delayed flight right now back into NYC. We will be recording the winner announcements immediately upon landing tonight at 10:00pm PST - 1:00am EST, and posting at that time. Stay tuned...
  5. A little late, or should I say early, but I'll probably stay up for the announcement. It's worth it.
  6. some call me if i win my # is 911
  7. Ok man. I'll do it. I promise I won't forget. Heck i'll even call you if you don't win.

    and as a side note what's your address? ( this question in no way shape or form relates to what i said above....;))

  8. ... O_O >_< O_O ... Did I just read something dirty?

    Anywho, i'm gonna be up late anyway. I wanna see how this thing turns out.
  9. no just mischievously evil.
  10. ... Is it wrong if that kinda disappoints me?

    lol jk
  11. hahaha i believed you there for a second
  12. Well, here we are at 1 AM EST.
  13. Shouldn't it be about now? Or am I confused about the time? Cause 1:00 AM est would be 11:00 mountain time right?
  14. Right you are.
  15. correct. i wonder if db's plane was delayed even more than expected
  16. Winners to be posted momentarily... podcast has just now been recorded.
  17. If he were really magical, he would have teleported.
  18. JB i love how it never says you on you are sneaky
  19. of course.. what was i thinking
    6 minutes past......

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