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  1. So I am struggling when opening a new deck.... the cards are so hard to handle and are very slippery that even simple things like shuffles are hard to control.
    I find that my double lifts are much harder with a brand new deck and it is hard to stop the cards from slipping and showing it is a double.

    How do you all deal with this? Sure breaking in a desk is an option, but sometimes you need to open a new deck as part of the routine? How do you guys all deal with this?
  2. Hey Coffeeparamedic,

    I practice relentlessly with new decks. I found working with new decks to be far harder than worn in decks and decided the best path is to practice with newer decks.

    it’s not the most affordable path but ensures my card control is always on point.

    in addition, I use all of the slightly used decks as dupes, spares and make gaffs with them so I have no loss really.

    the best way I found is to rotate two new decks. As one starts to wear in put it in a clip and start with the second and just keep rotating. Somehow they seem newer for longer this way.

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  3. Wow that's strange, with me it's the exact opposite. I have a problem using even slightly worn cards. I guess I've just always worked with new cards. So when I'm doing a performance, I have to use either really close to new, or I have to use brand new cards. It also looks much better. When a deck is worn I start using it to give away cards to spectators by Via, Monkey in the middle, Holey Terror, or some other card effect like stabbing a signed card under a newspaper.

    I will never open a sealed deck in the middle of a routine. Then again I also don't do sealed decks in my routines either as my routine doesn't have the room to fit it in.

    I will say that when done properly, sealed deck effects, have an extremely powerful impact, and I highly recommend that anyone who can manage to work one into their routine, to do so.
  4. It really is a matter of touch and a matter of practice. Practice with decks in all different conditions so that you can use a new deck handed to you by a spectator or that old worn airline deck they pull out of the back of drawer.
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  5. Just as ByronBlaq said, practicing with newer decks may be harder, but there would be an increased gain in skill from practicing with them, as they are harder to practice with(to most people). One thing I somehow lately realized on my trip to India(I went to India for a bit) was that humidity affects playing cards greatly. The deck I used in India got super soft and sticky. You know how you can do a normal dribble(not riffling) by squeezing the deck to make air pockets and then you try to drop them(they stay flat the whole time) on by one? well with the old deck, the edges stick to my fingers and drop evenly and nicely, on my new deck, they slip right off in clumps. Guys, I am slightly new, so correct me on anything if I am wrong in the forums.
  6. I break in my decks for just the reasons you mention. I don't find it's worth it to open a new deck in performance. Kudos to those who take the time to learn to work with newly opened decks.

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