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  1. what are the most difficult sleights ? curiousity
  2. Check out By Forces Unseen. That book is full of sleights that are nearly impossible. But it's also angly stuff, so it's mostly unworkable.
  3. Anti Faro and the perfect riffle shuffle
  4. revolver change, Shrecko Howard pop out move (i'm really good at it though), every single false deal ( bottom deal, greek deal, etc.), SWE shift, diagonal palm shift
  5. Erdnase One-Handed Shift
  6. The difficulty of a sleight depends on how good you want it to be, cause everything can always be better. Perfection doesn't exist, that's why the question is impossible to answer!
  7. I disagree with this as these are shuffles, not slights. Generally difficulty comes with what a person is exceptinal at. Some finds specific slights easier while others find the near impossible. In my oppinion Hand Mucking as well as the S.W.E shift are the most difficult in my opinion. Both take many moons of practce and even still are only applicable situationally
  8. The double lift is the most difficult for me. The main reason is because is of the most necessary sleights but difficult to make look natural. I spend the majority of my time with a deck of cards working on my double lift.
  9. The Anti Faro is not a shuffle, it's the opposite. It's definitely a sleight. And the perfect riffle shuffle or Tabled Faro Shuffle is a shuffle but it is also an extremely useful sleight. I've never heard anyone disregard the two as "Not Sleights". To answer the question, I've always struggled with the S.W.E Shift, The Center Deal and the Slow Motion Card Vanish.
  10. The Anti Faro removes a shuffle, the SWE shift removes a cut. I guess disagree with your reasoning :/ After you mucked a card or a set of cards how do you plan on getting that card back into your hand? A perfect riffle shuffle is definitely and option.

    The reason I say the Anti faro is because you can almost count on one hand the people in the world that can do it consistently.
  11. well. I'd say, false deals, riffle stacking and the anti-faro.
  12. bottom and center dealing, riffle stacking, and any sleight that hasn't been in my arsenal for more than a year.
  13. Some of Mystery Mark's stuff is extremely difficult, particularly his Bertram Shadow Change, and a bunch of other things on his channel, not that it looks hard.

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