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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by MaxDeVill, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have any good alternate handlings of digital dissolve? I've got a couple that I've worked up ever since having the effect... a nice one handed effect and a hand to hand transport... if anyone would like to trade alt handlings, pm me.
  2. i haven't got any but does anyone know how to do the snap chnage thingy
  3. Yes, I use it often.
  4. could you please PM on the explanation because in the dvd he has no explanation please it would really help me
  5. Yes same here. I have looked around but cant find where to learn it. If any of you could PM me with some help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Do a YouTube search on 'snap change'. I'm sure you'll get a thousand and one little kids revealing the change, maybe you can find one that's watchable.

    But if you're ethical and don't support YouTube kiddies, it's also excellently taught in Hot Shot Color Changes, with Ben Salinas (which is the best DVD on color changes on the market).
  7. No, not marlos snap change with cards (come on now Im not a rookie). The coin change BJ Bueno did for Digital Dissolve where he snapped over the coin and it changed.
  8. is it on the dvd? where is it ?
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    I believe that the Snap Change is also an alternative handling of Digital Dissolve by BJ Bueno on the DVD -- it's an easter egg, which is hidden. If you hang around the menu, I'm, sure you'll find it.

    There's also a tutorial for finding easter eggs lying somewhere around here.

  10. it shows it but its not taught
    i think
  11. The "Snap Change" everyone is talking about is quite often referred to as a "Snap Sleeve" (I THINK thats the title...). Any source on sleeving should have this vanish. BJ just did a very smart thing by using the gimmick to make it into a nutsy visual change.


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