Discreetly pulling from the bottom of the deck

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  1. For a trick I'm practicing, it requires me to pull from the bottom of the deck. I have to prep the deck so the first three cards are an ace, a queen, and another ace while the bottom card is a queen. Is there anyway to pull from the bottom of the deck discreetly?

  2. You could do a side steal.
  3. By "pulling", do you mean dealing (as you would if you were dealing out cards for a game), or palming (stealing out the card so it's hidden in the hand)?
  4. Well, I take the card out of the person's hand and put it back on the top of the deck. Then I pull from the bottom of the deck while he or she is not paying attention and act as if that card was the card that was previously in the person's hand.
  5. Gambler's Cop?
  6. A different version of the two card Monte because I'm very uncomfortable with getting a four card break and triple lifting.
  7. You should learn the one-hand bottom deal. It's a fantastic move where it looks like you're just pushing off the top card onto the table when you're really setting down the bottom card. It looks so genuine and is probably one of the most visually deceiving moves in card magic.
  8. You could always do a bottom change (much like the top change). I believe you can find it in EATCT and if not, it is also in Drawing Room Deceptions.
  9. When doing street magic I always do the setup in the noses of the spectators. And let me tell you, they don't care! most of them are talking about the last trick. Do a false shuffle and you are ready to go
  10. Not sure about Expert at the Card Table. It is definitely in Hugard and Braue's Card Manipulations compilation, and in the 3rd edition of Expert Card Technique (if not the 2nd)
  11. Yes, the bottom change is what you're after, and I can confirm it is in Erdnase (and all editions of Expert Card Technique, and loads of other places, but Erdnase is free and an absolute essential, so you might as well go for that).
  12. Alright thanks. I thought so but didn't have the book next to me at the time.

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