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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by f1stzero, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. It's not just you.
  2. Is it just me or is this picture... odd?


    Haha, anyways, I can't wait for Surfaced. I'm excited for whatever I'm gonna end up buying tonight.
  3. I swear to god if they drag this thing out till midnight...I can't stay up...f@%$ I'll have to order it in the morning. Lets hope it doesn't sell out.

    I have a question though. I'm on vacation starting thursday for about a week, will it come with the regular mail? Like USPS, or will it come Fedex or UPS? I just don't want it sitting on my doorstep for a week.
  4. Mike as in Mikey or Mike as in Mike who does a Muscle Pass and likes to imitate David Castle? I know both but I'm better friends with Mikey.

  5. Mikey. He says you guys hang out from time to time. I live like 10 minutes from him and go to the same SAM meetings

  6. I got four w's also... hmmmm
  7. Ah, this is so strange. Oh well, the day's not over yet. If the site's not up in 5 hours and 20 minutes and 12 seconds..... :)

  8. That's so strange.... 4 W's??? *The plot thickens(?)*
  9. sufaced?(not to mention a new site)

    O.K., i'm writing this at 9:35 at night and its july 1st.
    SURFACED ISNT OUT YET,let alone the new site.

    Dan and Dave, now i love you guys but if you screw me over this once again, i will loose total fate for awhile.

    Anyone agree?
  10. How is 4 w's even possible?

    edit- maybe they changed it from "world wide web" to "wonderful world wide web" or "world wide wonderful web" :D
  11. I think that there is 4 w's because they had to make a seperate website for that add right? When you type in dananddave.com, it redirects u to that website.

    And by the way, when the website leaked, the website was dbsquared2.com , but if you type that in, it redirects you to dananddave.com, which redirects you to wwww.dananddave.com.:D
  12. No, you can't customize the w's on a site. They're there automaticaly.
  13. I've got a decent size of my paycheck waiting to drop on that site when its back up and running. Seems odd to me that its this late in the day and its still down though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to get my order in before its time to crash out for the night.

    I know its only 6:40 there but its much later in other parts of the world ;)
  14. Remember that Dan and Dave ARE IN PACIFIC TIME! It's still 6:44pm here and just be PATIENT.
  15. yeah i've been waiting practically all day to see how the new site came out
    I'm a bit bummed out now...
    oh well.... :(
  16. Yup, I'm fine here in pacific time. :)
  17. Same here bro. i thought the site would be up by Noon PST but it was obviously not. There have been quite a few promises broken with the latest releases coming from DnD so I am not entirely surprised.
  18. I agree, I have been waiting a loooooooonnnnng time for this. I stayed up till 4 in the morning clicking refresh,hoping,waiting, nothing. I every half hour checked d+d's website. I didnt wait 3 months to be screwed over, lk maplecardmagic said. Please Dan and Dave, dont let us down.

  19. Well they may be going for the theory11 thing and start at 11:00 pm eastern time.

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