Do I get my black friday stuff?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ianedson, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. i ordered 50$ worth of dvds and stuff. but theyre all downloads. so will i get my browns wynns or white centurions!?!?!? i better! so i hope jb or someone will read this.
  2. at the time when you did your orded showed the wynns or white centurions??
  3. no, its not supposed too. at least i dont think. i think they were just to throw them in. but as my orders being downloads i dont know what they will do
  4. If you re-read the message, it is a gift for all SHIPPED orders.. aka downloads don't count :p
  5. Robert is correct; we only ship out the free decks to all SHIPPED orders, not download-only orders.
  6. Casey is correct. If your order qualifies for the free deck offer, you will see the deck (or decks) added automatically to your cart. If they're in your cart, you get 'em! This promotion was for shipped orders, only, so orders containing downloads only do not qualify for this specific deal (although you can still get the 25% off for another hour!).

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