Do ya ever look back?

Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
Have you ever looked back into the past where you used to be in magic? For example, found some old video's from 2 or 3 years ago?

Oh boy was I just suprised! I found some old videos I have on youtube that I forgot exhisted! One was of the coin squeeze trick...I did a "vanish" using a finger lie it looked like I punched my hands together, then shot one hand into my pocket while the other one "vanished the coin" laugh I have had in a while!!!

I also, though, found a vid where I did a linking rings routine with a cast on my arm that went all the way from my hand up to my armpit and kept my elbow in a 90 degree position!!! I don't think I did too bad, considering...

Here are the videos, I don't mind giving you guys a good laugh!!! - Coin Squeeze - Linking Rings
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