Do you have a favorite card?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by louis, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. There's just something about all spades I think. But my personal favorites are the three court cards in that suit - still leaning more towards the Jack of spades, then any of the other.

    Is anybody interested in trying to explain why your favorite card is your favorite? :p

  2. King of Hearts. I like the Colours of it, especially on the Guardian deck.
  3. I wouldn't really call it a favorite, but I now refer to the 7 of Clubs as the "bastard card".

    Here's what happened:

    I'm sitting at home bored one day just messing around with a deck like I always do, and I decide to start shuffling and picking random cards. The first one I draw is the 7 of Clubs. I put the card back, shuffle, and chose another one. 7 of Clubs. This continues for about the next 4 or 5 draws, and at this point I'm having a borderline seizure. So I ask my friend to draw one. Do I need to say what it was?

    Anyway, I got rid of the deck and nothing like that has happened since. But to this day the 7 of Clubs haunts my dreams, causing me to awaken into violent cold sweats and panic attacks.
  4. Mine are the Ace of Spades, and The Jack of Diamonds. Why the ace of spades? Because in all decks it has a different Spade, even if its a little different. Plus its the most coveted card in the deck. Why the Jack of Diamonds? I'm a teenager, so I'm not an adult yet, so Jack, then Diamonds, because think about it. Who doesn't like Diamonds?
  5. *Chuckles...*
  6. The card I identify with is the Jack of Hearts.

    But I like the Queen of Spades too.
  7. Ace of spades. Shiny!
  8. Double backed card.

    On a more serious note, I randomly decided one day that I like the Jack of Spades. It has always stuck, something about the card just draws me to it. Who knows.

  9. Jack of Spades
    and Jokers (depends on the deck though, I like regular bicycle jokers but looking at the smoke and mirrors "dokers" i think i might have a new favorite :p)
  10. The Jack of Spades.
  11. King of Diamonds
  12. king of diamonds(everybody seems to like that one) and the ghost(white ones) joker, idk why, but it I like it.
  13. king of spades
  14. Hmm... 2 of Clubs is my lucky card. I also like Jack of Clubs...
    Yep. they are about it.
  15. The Three of Spades would have to be my favorite card. Not sure why, but I just have some weird, unexplained affinity towards it. ;)

  16. On every deck I have ever seen my favcorite card is the joker which is why I keep them in my decks at all times.
  17. I've always had a preference for the King of Spades.

  18. Ten of spades and Ace of spades.
  19. Jack of Spades. Looks smooth, and like someone else said... A king is the top, jack's just kinda... I dunno, guess I can identify or see a representation. Yup, I'm sad.

    Love how the 5 of hearts and the 3 of diamonds look. And who doesn't like the symetry of a ten?

    Spades are just a great shape :eek::eek:

    Guardians Joker... Wow....

  20. Three of hearts, don't know why really, just like it. Well 3 is my 2nd favorite number and the hearts are just lovable :D. That's about the best explanation I can give for it.

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