"Do you know how he did it?"

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  1. I'm sure we've all had plenty of experience with people asking this question in reference to another magician. But I've never really known how to answer it, obviously if you don't know then you should say "no". But if you do, how are you supposed to answer it? I don't want to sound egotistical by saying, "Oh yeah, it's easy", because I want to be respectful to all three parties in question. Do you guys have any go to responses for situations like this?
  2. I say: "Yes I do. But sadly, I can't share it with you because of the Magician's Code"
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  3. I usually respond by saying that I have a guess/good idea of how it was done, but I can't say for sure. That response usually ends that conversation, but if the person gets pushy, I just tell them that I'm not saying what I think out of respect for the magician.
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  4. I have two answers, depending on who is asking....

    If a laymen asks I say, "sorry he/she is a better magician than me. " Whether I know the method or not.

    If it is someone who sincerely wants to learn, a magician in training, I say...." If you really want to learn I can teach you, but not here and not now."

    Food for thought

  5. I would never say anything like 'well yeah, that's easy' because that always makes the performer under discussion look bad, and makes magic as a whole look bad as it belittles whatever miracle the spectator just described to you as nonsense anyone could do if they had the instructions.

    Also, think about this: When someone asks you about a particular thing the saw a particular magician do, it's normally because they were impressed by it. To turn around and say something like, 'oh yeah, that's easy though, magicians have been doing that for years' will probably make them feel a bit stupid for being so impressed by it.

    Personal preference: I always just say 'Of course' and give a playful grin. That way I'm not belittling anyone, but I am reinforcing my reputation as a 'man on the inside'.. ;)

    Now, when the ask you if you can do it 'now, right here'....that's when you need to worry! :)

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  6. "Of course. I know everything. But if I told you, I would have to kill you." :cool:
  7. I find it interesting that you had someone ask you how it's done.

    I've had someone actually look up a tutorial by a 12 year old on YouTube. I honestly don't think magicians talking about methods is nearly as bad as the magic piracy that is occurring on YouTube and other outlets as well. It's crazy!
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  8. Michael Ammar had a similar experience that he relayed at a lecture a little while ago.

    I usually respond by bringing up how much I love the magician in question. "Do you know how Matt Franco made Mel B's phone apear in the chair?"

    "Oh you know Matt Franco, he's great isn't he? One of my personal favorites. He's really great at updating the classics and making them look brand new. I love his magic."

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