Do You Take Care Of Your Image?

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    Hello Everybody!!

    I was looking through The Kenners Blog and is great!! I was having a good time reading through all the updates and one of them called my attention more than others...

    it´s about losing weight and other things..but mostly about losing weight..

    I couldn´t agree more, all the magicians I know here in my town are fatty guys that dress the same...and that is something I really don´t like, I would like to give my points but I feel that the update of Chris Kenner says it best..

    I can say that I worry about my image, so I go to the gym daily and not only because I want to look good is also because I want to be healthy and have a long life...and also because I want to change the image of the pudgy magician that imperates here in my town...

    also something I would like to mention is that I see a lot of videos of magicians performing in the street or restaurants and even when they know they are going to perform they don´t care to dress a little bit!! looks like they get up late and went to perform in pijamas...why would they do that? if I were going to get filmed I would at least dress nice, maybe not a tuxedo or something...but definitely above average... you take care of yourself? do you have an image you want to create and work for it? and if you don´t...why?


    "See ya at the gym!!"
  2. This is an important topic... in day to day like I dress very nicely and almost theatrically. I have items I wear in hot pink and that shimmer. No, I'm not gay, but it completely suits my personality as a performer... I'm not just a magician, but also an actor, playwright, and singer.

    My place to shop for clothes is Le Chateau... beautiful, high-end clothes that look fantastic. I'm also on a daily workout plan with the intent to lose 20 pounds within the next two months.
  3. A resounding yes. I often get comments about my dress sense (in a good way!). Especially when performing, I have a very specific character in mind, so if I know I'm performing, then I follow it. But even in life in general. I know who I am, and who I want to be, and where - and I try to dress accordingly. It's just one small step towards the future.
  4. Well I run almost every day, and just think about what you wear. I dont know, it is kind of simple to me.
  5. Steve Cohen's book, Win the Crowd, touches heavily on your appearance when you're not in character and offstage. Imagine what your audience will think if they see you dressed nicely onstage and then see you in some beat up sneakers, a t-shirt, and jeans after your show.
  6. I like to dress very elegantly whenever i go out, i also perform in a stylish way whenever i get to. I changed my performing style after i read Pure Effect and watched Derren Brown, i really like the way he presents his effects
  7. The very first thing people notice when they first see you is what you are on the outside. Indeed, a losing some weight is never a hard thing to do as long as you are commited to doing so. It's not exactly VERY easy either. It's pretty much like everything else we do, magic included. It's not easy, but definitely attainable. That's the mindset I like to keep. And that's usually the mindset that sets you up for success.

    Moving on, I feel that what we wear directly tells others who we are. Just like a deck of cards can be compatible with your personality, your clothes can too. I make it a point to look my best wherever I step out of home, even if that means walking to the grab some lunch at a nearby cafeteria. I believe confidence comes when knowing you look good. Of course, this definitely helps in performances and such. Nonetheless, as long as what you wear matches your personality, and you feel that you look good in it, there's nothing standing in your way to a great image!

  8. I actually dont think anyone would care.

    When i lived in the states for a few months i used to see Hugh Jackman walking around almost everyday as well as a bunch of other actors and singers and other people and most of the looked like **** most of the time when they were not doing anything speciall. Beard, the hair all over the place, some sweaty gym cloths and a cap on their head.

    I dont think anyone really cares. Why would they?
  9. Great topic. I am currently working out a few times a week at the gym and trying to lose 20 lbs. by September. I used to compete in bodybuilding competitions years ago but don't have the time for that as I am now a parent.

    I think appearance does affect your personality and confidence because when you know you look good, you feel great. You can believe what you want, but spectators want to see an attractive magician as well as superb magic.

    I would say that 3/4 of our IBM ring is the typical over weight pot belly magician between 40 and 60 who wears the same black suit, uses the same dumb jokes / one liners that make you groan, etc.

    I talked to Josh Jay at his lecture last night and he said that he works out daily to stay in shape and look his best.

    As for the comment on actors and are correct...I do not know why they choose to dress like slobs out in public. Perhaps it is to blend in with the rest of society and not be noticed. But then you have Lady Gaga who will go to the opposite extreme to be noticed every minute of the day.
  10. Pretty sure Daniel Garcia told me that one.

    Sad that it's mostly true.

    Geoff Williams hits on this in his Mother (or Father) Lecture notes in one of his extra side tips. Most of these side tips are things about costuming and grooming, one of them is 'work out often, it'll make you feel better. And when you feel good, your audience will feel good about you too.' (something to that extent)

    I play Ultimate Frisbee a couple of times a week, ride a bike, and play basketball. I'm not super fit, but I'm not fat by any means. I am actually working towards losing a bit of weight (the summer heat is definitely helping sweat off pounds) so I can be healthier.

    I'm glad someone in Chris Kenner's position (someone a lot of people look up to in the magic industry for advice) is willing to put this out there.
  11. I think you are wrong...I agree at some extent about the actors and singers...but they are pretty much famous, what they do and why they do it is because they have success in movies and music, so they don`t need to prove anything to people that encounters them in the street...but people like you and I...well it`s different...

    everybody cares and I think the first person to care should be you...
  12. Famous actors and Magicians are two completely different types of people, and really Hugh Jackman is pretty ripped (I think the dude benches around 210 or something like that.)

    Like the others have said, if you keep yourself in good shape. You won't be adding to the magician stereotype of being a fat loser. Plus looking good also adds to your confidence and that helps A LOT when it comes to performing in the public eye.
  13. I didn`t want to use that word in the original post...I am so glad you pointed that out!!!
  14. I would hope he benches more than 210.:D
  15. I usually wear a tuxedo around town. And perform Lance Burton's dove act on street corners. Really though.

    Like fridoliina pointed out, I don't think the audience cares so much. Unless of course you're performing something like this:
  16. Daniel Madison talks about this alot in his new ebook Four. I just got it and posted a pre-review on the magic cafe. He discusses at one point the disgrace of seeing a magician playing a casino with a silk shirt with a playing card tie and a table with sponge balls and magician ropes. He states that this fellow was disgracing the art of magic. He also discusses there is no such thing as a part time magician and that it should be part of your life at every moment. Very interesting stuff he discusses (his discussions are intertwined with 10 effects that are part of the ebook).
  17. I've only seen Daniel Madison on video. And he seems to wear the same costume each time. Just his regular clothes. Do we think this takes away from the magic?
  18. I think it comes down to the commitment. Some magicians are only magic on stage, and I guess that's fine. Personally, I'm fond of the idea of the 24/7 magician. If one actually had supernatural powers, one would always be able to do something weird. For me that means I perform in clothing pretty similar to what I always wear, and I'm always prepared to do something. It may be something very simple, but sleight of hand can take you pretty far.
  19. I am a huge fan of the way you look. I have found that the better you look, the more receptive people are to what you have to present. I mean, look at the some of the more well known magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel, and many others. They are in fantastic shape and they get the props for it.

    I personally go leaps and bounds to keep up with my style. I read GQ and Details just as much as I read Genii and Magic. I believe in personalizing your own style and making it work for you. But you have to make it look clean. One thing that I believe every close-up magician should do is get manicures, it helps out your hands so much. But that is my two-cents =P
  20. I'm not big on fashion. I dress pretty plainly, honestly. Hiking boots, jeans, a t-shirt (usually black) under an Oxford button up, a Kangol-styled Guiness cap and a couple bracelets. One is black rubber with metal plates which have my initials engraved on one, and the other is a hemp bracelet with wooden beads that I wove myself. Some times I wear a ring or two, one on each hand (A PK ring and a Ring Thing from ThinkGeek are the options there).

    I don't work out all that much, but I get a lot of exercise at work which keeps me fit and thin. If I didn't work manual labor, I'd be working out every other day to keep myself fit.

    Oh, and I wear glasses. I also have pierced ears, but I stopped wearing any jewelry in them so it's just holes. I had them stretched to about a zero guage, but now they've shrunk to about 8 or 10 guage.

    Overall I would say that I do take care of my image, but it's not a huge part of my life. I want to present a specific image, and I do that naturally, so I don't have to put much work into it. That way if anyone sees me when I'm not performing, I still look pretty much the same. And I'm always prepared to do something magical, so I am always the magician.

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