Double Cross: how do you perform it?

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  1. Hi everyone! It's been some months since I've started performing Double Cross and I really love it, but I think that there may be some interesting differences between us regarding the way we do it and how we present it. So here's my question: how do you perform it?
  2. I'm switching my presentation to where I say something along the lines of that I can't do a big huge stage illusion right now so I will draw to demonstrate how to entertain with magic. First is the introduction and I introduce an "x" on my hand, next is a little bit more exciting is the vanish and I make the "x" disappear. The vanish is intriguing but the audience would always ask where did the magician go after he vanishes? That's where the best part comes in, the prestige. The prestige is the reveal of something that vanished and that's when you reveal it to be on their hand.

    Yes I stole that from the movie The Prestige but movies are a big source of inspiration for me.
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  3. I don't have the trick. But the way I'd present it (off the top of my head), in very boiled down basics, is that I'd say that the X will jump from my hand and jump to the other.

    The X jumps onto them.

    Upon them being surprised, I'd say something like , 'I'm as shocked as you. That didn't go like I thought it would.'

    Something along those lines.
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  4. This is so good! One of the greatest issues in this trick is that there is such a big expectation and people understand where you are going, but with this pattern you create an unexpected ending. Thank you man!

    Now I want to try the combination with your pattern, that creates the proper context for the trick, and the unexpected ending suggested by Brett.
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  5. First off, I do it so that the x goes on the person from me. Then I would make the x from that person go to the other spectator, then I would do the reverse x and make it go back on to me, then I would end it with a vanish of the x completely

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