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    Drawing a Blank is a fun blank deck routine that hits hard, is easy to perform, and works as an amazing opener for any card set! It is fun, clever, and gets the most incredible reactions!

    Part 1: The magician shows a blank deck of cards to the audience and has them imagine that they have images on them. He then goes on to perform a fun "Ambitious Card" type plot with ALL BLANK CARDS! ;)

    Part 2: The magician realizes that this game is hard to play without being able to see which card is which. He sets a card aside, looks to a spectator and asks them to name the card they are thinking of. They name the card and without any funny moves or even going anywhere near the rest of the deck, the magician picks the isolated card and magically prints it to match the named card.

    Part 3: The magician places the printed card on top of the deck and with just a snap, every single card in the deck prints instantly! both the front and the back of every card now has a proper picture and back design! The magician can then hand out the named card as a souvenir and the rest of the deck can be handed out, examined, or used for your next card effect!

    This routine hits hard and honestly is fairly easy to perform. No big moves or knuckle busters. With just a bit of practice it will be an awesome blank deck miracle and the perfect opener for your set!

    Performed and created by: Michael O'Brien Filmed by: Derek Castillo and Buck Bowen Edited by: Michael O'Brien Music by: Sea of cortez -"When we met with oohs"

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