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    1. Can the spectators hear anything when the trick is happening?

    2. I heard that the the shirt that is changed gets ruined. Is that true?
  2. 1. Only the ruffling of the shirt (which is a good thing for the illusion).

    2. Absolutely. But it's a sacrifice for a great trick!
  3. so everytime u do it, u ruin a shirt over and over again?
  4. no you can use the same shirt over and over again
  5. in my opinion it is not exactly ruined.. i mean of course you cannot wear this without anything else (like a jacket) but it's not uncomfortable so when you have it on to do the trick you can wear this for hours and THEN change. that's my opinion anyway.. =)
  6. Can you perform the formal version starting cow with a t shirt then change it to a dress shirt and tie?
  7. I haven't tried it, but I recall Calen saying that it's possible.
  8. yaaaaayyy!!!!
  9. Ok, you have to ruin a shirt, but then the immick will last you for a loooooong time!
    I highly recommend the trick since the posibilities are limitless!
  10. bought it im pretty stoked cant wait
  11. unless the shirt shrinks :)
  12. Dresscode

    Just bought it yesterday. I cant wait for it to come :)
  13. Just make the gimmick this morning and its work^^

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