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  1. So I have been thinking about it and i like it, but i would like to know what the gimmick pack is? is it something you buy after you buy the trick?
    Reminder!!! I dont have DRESSCODE so dont say anything about how to do it.
  2. The gimmick consists of fairly common objects, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them at a place like Wal-Mart. Calen is one of the most creative minds in magic, I recommend you buy this trick. Even if it's not your thing his creativity is very inspirational. Without giving to much away I will say you have to modify a shirt pretty extensively to the point where it is not wearable so plan accordingly. Other than that the gimmick consists of common items you can get pretty cheap.
  3. Technically there is no 'gimmick' included. The stuff it comes with are very very common items and replacing the items would be as easy as buying a new deck of cards.
  4. yes i completely agree with you. i Saw him with Jarek120, and i absolutely loved his passion and how he comes up with this stuff. i did mean though theres is option for gimmick pack. its like 13 dollars. so is that like a gimmick already made so you dont have to make one?
  5. thank you, but like if u search dresscode you see option for gimmick pack
  6. I just saw that when I searched it on Theory11, I believe I purchased my copy from penguin and it came with enough supplies to create one gimmicked shirt. I would think Theory11 would have the same thing, my guess is the "gimmick pack" is just if you want to get more but really the stuff is pretty easy to find.
  7. If you pick the one that says DRESSCODE, it will come with EVERYTHING you need to preform the trick (the instructional DVD and the gimmick pack). If you only get the gimmick pack you will not know what to do with the gimmick. You can't get the instructional DVD by itself, so just get the one that says DRESSCODE (it will come with all gimmicks, and the DVD), and not the one that says gimmick pack.
  8. thank you. Im thinking about buying it for the formal version so i can do it at homecoming xD
  9. Just to clarify, the gimmick pack is just the exact same package you get with the normal deal except without the dvd, and also it's not a ready-made shirt, although that would be pretty sweet, but where's the fun in that?
  10. Hey guys!

    The gimmick pack is a set of the supplies you need to make one full fledged Dresscode gimmick. You will still need one shirt that you do not care about destroying to make the gimmick.

    The Dresscode gimmick is available to anyone who has purchased the DVD set. For some reason it is showing up for everyone right now, this is a bug and I have disabled it temporarily until it is fixed. If you purchased Dresscode somewhere other than theory11, let us know at support@theory11.com and we can enable Dresscode purchases on your theory11 account.

    // L
  11. thank you for the clairfication

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