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  1. When i do the Duck change i push the card with my pointer finger to make it flip am i doing it right. Any tips if im doing it wrong
  2. i just use my first finger to steady the sleight. the flip should come from the pinching action of the thumb and middle finger. it helps to use more thumb than middle finger. check your finger positions too.

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    I believe you are talking of Ben Harris' Superflip Change, as this uses a similar technique to the one you described. As far as I am aware, the Ben Harris change does not turn the cards over end-for-end, but rather flips them to the right; kind of like a book. The double bows downwards and is released firstly off the thumb, following by the middle finger -- however, it could be mistaken that they release at the "same time". This change also uses the index as a primary finger for the change's succession.

    The Hiro Sakai Duck Change, however, uses a completely different technique. Although the cards flip in the same way as does the Superflip Change, this double bows upwards and is sprung off the middle finger before the thumb. This ensures that the double moves forward as the change takes place -- unlike the Ben Harris change, that does not more backwards OR forwards.

    With that said, I unfortunately have no decent tips for you, I just wanted to make it clear for credit purposes that the two changes are not identical. :)

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  4. When you do the duck change, you should be putting pressure with your thumb not the index. The index isn't really needed.

    To make a nice flip, you have to keep the line between you middle and thumb parallel to the card edge.
    The best way to practice I think is to use a card like a 6 where the pips are in a straight line between the center and the edge. Use that as a guideline.

    Sorry if this is exposure or something, feel free to delete or edit the post.
  5. I don't understand the point of the Ben Harris change. It looks like it would be so obvious to laymen that the card is flipping over.
  6. Same here in all honestly, I personally do not use the Ben Harris Superflip for that very reason. That is why I cannot provide much help in this topic, I just wanted to be sure that the crediting for this particular move was correct. :)

  7. You're mistaken

    When he said he is using his pointer finger, he is keeping the card steady so it doesn't jump suddenly.
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    No, I do not believe so.

    His original post stated that he uses his index finger to execute the change by pushing the cards down with it -- much like in the Ben Harris Superflip Change. This contrasts greatly with that of the Hiro Sackai Duck Change; as no index finger is used at all.

    As a result, I think it is fair for anyone to assume that the common mistake of miscreaditing the changes had once again occured.

  9. You and your big word's and your small difficult word's

    Anyway, I believe that the duck change has the action of moving forward onto the deck while the superchange has the motion moving downward.

    Just saying if we haven't already established that
  10. lol - Sorry!

    I'd also like to point out; the Ben Harris Superflip sounds only like a standard dribbling of the cards - whilst the Hiro Sakai Duck Change makes a "quack" sort of noise as the cards release from the middle and thumb. Irony, anyone? :)

  11. does any1 know where I can learn the duck change

    -Nile Overton
  12. Magic of Japan VHS.
    Also Trilogy but it teaches it wrong.
  13. I believe, accoriding to Mr Lapping, who I'm pretty sure knows a hell of a lot more about cards than the ret of us, I'm about to talk about the superflip change by Ben Harris.

    I could never 'duck change' and so I messed around with finger positions how to flip etc. Now I hold the long edges of the card in the centre with thumb on one side and middle finger on the other as I release I push down with my index finger in the centre. Maybe the thumb releases earlier or pulls down, I don't know, this technique comes with practise, experiment to find a finger position you like.

    I don't understand why people don't like this change, it's fast, visual and you end clean. If you are willing to do, and get away with a shapeshifter then you can use this. And you can always do a quick one handed cut as you hand out the card for inspection. Bury the top card if you see what I mean. Good ol' misdirection.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

    If This Is In Any Way Exposure Please Delete This Post Or Somebody Say And I Will Edit It.


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