Easter eggs on all DVDs?

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
I just popped in the Indecent dvd and found a easter egg, I dont know if it's the easter egg. I found it in special features. Is that the one.

On of them was freaking hilarious with Jurassic Park.......Wayne's a freak!

Can anyone help me with the easter egg on Distortion? I've been watching the menu for awhile now and nothing happens but it goes all black then starts up again.
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Sep 2, 2007
Sep 2, 2007
Well, 2 hours of distortion and still nothing. Will it appear in the menu, or do I have to go and find it?

Here is how you can go find it:

This guide describes how to access the Easter Eggs (hidden video clips) in the three Theory 11 DVDs.

If you would like to find this out on your own or for any other reason would not like to know how to get to the Easter Eggs, stop reading here.

So far, all 3 of the Theory 11 DVDs contain Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs, for anyone that didn't know, are hidden features on DVDs. On Theory 11 DVDs, they're separate, extra clips that contain things like additional handlings and alternate explanations.

There are 2 ways to access the Easter Eggs on the DVDs. The first way, the way T11 intended, involves waiting around at some menu for some period of time. I'm not sure which menu you wait at or for how long, but that is what has been posted by the team. I couldn't figure it out. Oh well. The second way's faster.

The second way I'm going to describe to you requires a computer, but it's much faster. First, make sure you have a program on your PC to play DVDs. I'll be writing this tutorial for a program called the VLC Media Player, but the method will be similar (if not the same) for whichever player you're using. If you'd like to download the VLC Media Player (it's free) so that you can follow along exactly with this guide, you can get it at its homepage here (it is a VERY small download, and your download won't be worthless - the VLC player is the best media player I know of; it plays literally all video and audio files). Download the VLC player and install it (the installation is very much self explanatory).

Next, pop your DVD into your computer. You will see this screen (if you don't, go to your Start menu, the My Computer, then right click on the DVD and click 'Autoplay'). Click on the 'Play DVD movie using VideoLan VLC media player' option.


This will open up the VLC player and, before long; you will be at the main menu of the DVD. Now, simply right click anywhere on the video. This will bring up a list of options in the VLC player. Hover your mouse over the 'Title' option (5th item down from the top) and you will see a list of what are called Titles. They're basically the different video and animation sections on the DVD.

If you can't find the different Titles like I was talking about above, this image will help.

Now you're going to test each one of the Titles until you find the Easter Egg one. So click on Title 1. The option list will close and Title 1 will start playing. If this isn't the Easter Egg section, right click anywhere on the video again to bring up the options again and try a different Title (you don't need to go back to the main menu to do this - you can do it right while the DVD is playing). Repeat these steps, each time trying a different Title until you find the Easter Egg title (this shouldn't take long, as there are normally only abouy 10 Titles). I can tell you that on Digital Dissolve its Title 4, but I'm not sure about any of the other DVDs.

And there you have it; how to access the T11 Easter Eggs. Note that if the Eggs were just outtakes or something else that's useless to our magic, this guide would not have been written. I write this only because the extras are valuable teaching materials, and if someone watched the DVD and not the Easter Eggs, they would be missing out.

If you've got any questions about anything written here in this guide, ask away!
Sep 2, 2007
Nah, not working for me, thanx for tryin though.


On the easter egg, there is a trick that's a combination of "Distortion" and "Visually Yours" called "Visual Distortion."

You should check it out; maybe try it on a friend's computer, or one that is DVD compatable.

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