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  1. d+M couldn't have said that better himself

    Oscar Wilde said "bad publicity is better than none"
    In think this is one rare case that proves OW wrong
  2. 7 pages of this crap?!?!? Sheesh...I'm surprised the kid hasn't already gone off on you guys, which some of you deserve it.

    In all honesty, it's a joke how many people on here think that they're completely original, but in the grand scheme of things are just another copy of their favorite magician of the month. Leave the kid alone...so what if he's a copy or not, I'm personally not in the position to judge him and his originality....and neither is anyone else here for that matter.

    Please...someone needs to close this thread, or delete the posts that started all this and leave it open. Which really is a shame, because I thought the video was awesome, and way better than I could do editing/filming wise... ;)
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    dontavius+R and I are friends. And for all of you being ******** to him need to grow up. You are all jelous that you cant do the trick, and he can. So, you find that one little thing about somebody that you dont like and you guys are imature about it. Daniel Madison is a huge influence on me as well, as some of you little girls arguing here. And, Im sure Daniel would love to see that he is making an impact on are art and are community. So, instead of being stupid, prove yourself and make some videos, because im sure all you jerks are copy cats anyway!

    If any of you are to stupid to figure out what the above message me, just let me know....

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    I think that's because it was him that said it -.-
    Words of wisdom :rolleyes:
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    Rofl. Loving the profound irony in the last line.

    In case you haven't noticed, we never 'jumped' him and started attacking him for being a d+M wannabe, someone gave constructive criticism and said he needs to stop acting like d+M so blatantly, and he denied it, which is ridiculous.

    7 pages is a bit much, but god, he should just admit it.
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    yeah that was him, i got it from an interview with him. Bottom line is, END.

    I second that.

    And please, Axe, if you are going to sound mature, at least have the courtesy of reading over what you typed, for your own good.

    "If any of you are too blatantly retarded to figure out what the above message means, just let me know..."

    EDIT: the above is what you should have said, if you did not want to sound stupid.
  7. All i have to say is this:

    quoted from a youtube user:

    dude you rok man lol wanna trade again?

    hmmmmm video trading?
    i would feel really ashamed if thats what he meant.
  8. TEMPORARILY locked. Gonna delete some stuff in this thread. Can't believe the immature posts I'm seeing in here. Get some maturity guys. Seriously....

    Will unlock this thread once I'm done fixing it.:eek:

  9. Thread re-opened. Guys, please keep all comments - whether positive or negative - professional and respectful at all times.

    - Doug
  10. Amen!

    Loved the performance, I can't wait to pick this up when it comes out.

    Come on guys, no need to rag on the guy if his style and name are similar to Daniel's.

  11. Nice video man, keep up the good work.
    Can't wait to get my copy....

    And about all this Daniel Madison stuff, don't worry, I like it :). I am sure he is more inspired or brainwashed by Daniel Madison (and I don't blame him - because he is currently like the cat's pyjamas), but I don't think he is being a wannabe.
    But seriously, I always knew about this forum, but never really joined it, I only joined it recently because I thought it would all be strictly magic and barely any off topic talking. But here there is an 8 page thread of people arguing on whether or not he wants to be Daniel Madison, but seriously, and I know now one will listen to me because I am new, but we all just love each other?

    Anywayz, keep up the awesome work.

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    Alright, Doug and David are right, i did fret on this one,

    Aris.Sa - ah well, enjoy life

    d+R - Im sorry for any bashing, i see now that it was a good performance and i apologize. I shouldnt pay attention at the magician, rathe rat the presentation.

    Axe - i sent you a pm, and i await your response, however i will point out that i apologize for any misunderstandment between us, and i hope we can be friends at some point.

    All in all, i realize i may have been a bit of a jerk here (i say maybe) and have come to the conclusion thati dont give a rat's *** if someone is copying some one else.

    Good luck d+R,
  13. i think it looks awesome and ontill the dvd comes out i see it as you have exile who cares if its a little different it's your own take on it and well looks like exile to me so a spec would think wow and not know the diffence between the to so again good job and good luck

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